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14 Wedding Makeup Essentials For Brides

Wedding Day Makeup

Wedding Makeup Essentials

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Most of us apply our own makeup every day. We already have a supply of makeup suitable for selecting our bridal beauty essential products from.

We know our own facial features and skin type inside out. We already have our favorite makeup products that we love.

We know what makeup style suits us best, considering our personality as well as our features and skin type.

So, it makes sense that some brides choose to follow their own bridal beauty skin routine and apply their own wedding makeup.

If you are thinking that you might do your own wedding makeup, here are a few bridal beauty suggestions to help your wedding day run smoothly:

  • Test all of your wedding makeup and skincare products well before your wedding day to ensure that they are right for your skin and you don’t have any adverse skin reactions.
  • Do a test run through. Apply your wedding makeup and then put on your wedding dress to check that your makeup look is complimenting your wedding dress.
  • Note how long this takes so that you allow enough time for applying makeup on your wedding day. Add in an extra buffer so that you’re not under time pressure.
  • Snap some photos both indoors and outside to check how your wedding makeup looks in photographs.
  • Leave the makeup on for the full day and into the evening so you can check that it holds in place on your face for as long as you will need it to on your wedding day.
  • Do a stock take of your wedding makeup kit to ensure that you have a good supply of everything you will need.
  • Separate your chosen wedding makeup essentials into their own makeup kit so that they are on hand and don’t get mixed in with other makeup.

makeup brushes for the bride

Checkout the list below for all your D.I.Y. Wedding Makeup Essentials:

1. Skincare and Acne Treatment Products

Before applying any wedding makeup products it is important that you have followed your tried and trusted skincare routine.

Your face needs to be clean before applying makeup.

Depending on your skin and how prone it is to acne or stress breakouts, you may use acne treatment under your wedding makeup to ensure no breakouts make an unexpected appearance later on.

2. Primer

A good makeup primer can work wonders, making your skin as smooth as possible and helping your makeup stay put all day long.

This is an essential step in your bridal beauty skin routine.

3. Foundation

Foundation is a must to achieve a flawless look on your wedding day.

It evens out your complexion, hides imperfections, and puts the finishing touches on your wedding makeup look.

Some foundations include SPF for sun protection. Consider the climate and how long you will be outside for on your wedding day.

4. Concealer

Sometimes the only thing standing between you and flawless skin is some good ol’ fashioned concealing, and let’s face it, makeup meltdown during photos isn’t precisely the wedding day look you’re going for.

5. Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter

Contouring is having a major moment – use the bronzer first for this. Follow with some blush and then finish with the highlighter.

It gives the illusion of perfectly chiseled cheekbones without being too harsh looking for a wedding day celebration.

6. Eye Shadow

Consider your usual eye shadow choices but also consider the look that you want for your wedding day.

Consider your wedding dress and what will work with it.

Take some time to experiment with different eye shadow color palettes to help you create the look that you want for your wedding day.

The article, Eye Shadow for Brides has eye shadow options for your wedding day. There are popular options as well as waterproof and vegan alternatives.

7. Eyeliner

Liquid, Gel, Pencil or Eye Shadow – which is the eyeliner of choice for you? Consider trying a waterproof gel liner for your wedding day.

If you’re trying out a different product to what you normally use, give it some practice so you can master the application in advance of your wedding day.

8. Mascara

To open up and highlight your eyes on your wedding day, mascara is a must-have for your makeup kit. A good quality waterproof black mascara is ideal… you might shed a happy tear or two!

Some brides choose to wear fake lashes on their wedding day too.

9. Eyebrow Pencil

Your eyes will be well defined and now your eyebrows will need some definition as well. A brow defining pencil or gel will work wonders.

10. Lip Liner and Lipstick

Lip liner and lipstick is a bridal makeup must-have. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to brighten up the color in your face.

Finding a formula that won’t dry out your lips, bleed outside your lip lines or leave lip prints all over everyone is critical here.

Choose a long-lasting lipstick, you don’t want to spend half of your wedding day reapplying makeup.

11. Setting Powder and Setting Spray

If you have oily skin or are prone to shine (ahem – hello humidity), setting powder is a good idea.

It will help to keep everything in place without smudging or cracking throughout your big day.

Setting spray is like hairspray for your face; it locks in your makeup, so you don’t have any unwanted smudging or fading throughout the day (or night).

Some brides choose powder, some brides choose spray and some brides choose to use both to really keep all of your makeup in place.

12. Face Mist

You only have one face; why not take good care of it? Using a face mist on your wedding day is like having an on-call facial at all times.

Just use it whenever you need to refresh your complexion or calm down any redness.

Added soothing ingredients like rosewater, chamomile extract or aloe vera extract make your skin feel amazing.

13. Makeup Brushes, Sponges and Wipes

You will need all of your tried and trusted makeup brushes, sponges and wipes on hand for applying your wedding day makeup.

14. Makeup Removal Products

Whether you use wipes, pads, liquid or cream makeup remover, or a combination of these products, have them on hand with your wedding makeup just in case you need to remove some makeup that’s not right and start again.

Put your wedding makeup essentials kit together at least a couple of months before your wedding date. This will give you time to check supply levels, update any old products or try out any new products well before your wedding day.

I hope that this list of 14 Wedding Makeup Essentials for Brides has been helpful.

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