Bridal Wedges

Everything You Need to Know About Bridal Wedges

You are on the ultimate bridal fashion quest. You already have your dress, your veil, your jewelry, and the venue is set. But you still haven’t found the perfect pair of wedding shoes! Don’t worry – we’ve found them for you. They are bridal wedges!

Experts say that women feel more beautiful, confident, and feminine when they are wearing heels, and this is especially true on our wedding day!

Still not sure what kind of shoes to wear on your wedding day? Don’t worry, we’ve found them for you – stylish and comfortable bridal wedges!

Bridal wedges make beautiful bridal shoes and they have the added bonus of being comfortable enough to walk around in all day (and night!) long!

Here is everything you need to know about bridal wedges…

The History of Wedge Shoes

Wedges, a style of shoe with a wedge-shaped heel, have been on the fashion scene since the 1930s.

The modern wedge shoe, designed by designer Salvatore Ferragamo in 1935, was made to be an orthopedic wedge. Because there was a rubber, metal and leather shortage during those years, he made the wedge heels using cork. Cork was durable, sturdy, and lightweight, making it the perfect material for shoe heels.

Wedges didn’t take long to take the fashion world by storm.

In the 1940s, around the time of WWII, wedges became the standard of fashion for North American and European women. At first, they were thought of as a clumsy shoe style but the opposite was true. Women became drawn to them because they were comfortable and stylish footwear.

Women in the 1940s also liked to appear taller, so wedges fit that bill as well.

Wedges reemerged with a vengeance in the 1970s. They become bolder, louder, and more colorful, with influences from the popular disco and hippie scenes. The style of the 1970s wedges often incorporated the platform shoe as well.

The 1990s brought us a new wedge look – the wedge platform sneakers. Platform sneakers were made popular by the girl band, Spice Girls.

In the 2000s, rope-wrapped cork wedges, both in slip-on and with ankle straps, were all the rage.

Wedges are back in style again now and they are more stylish than ever!

Are Wedges Good For Your Feet?

Wedge heels have many benefits. They make your legs look longer and leaner and improve your posture, but better yet, they offer much more foot support than stilettos or high heels.

Here are some of the other benefits of wearing wedges:

Balance and Weight Distribution:

The wedge shape helps to evenly distribute weight throughout the sole of the foot, lessening the strain on the ball of the foot. When your weight is distributed evenly, it assists with keeping your balance. So, there is less likelihood of falling or twisting an ankle in wedge shoes than with traditional heels.

The design of wedges makes a difference in how evenly distributed the pressure is applied throughout the foot. In the short term, you can avoid foot pain at the end of a day or evening out. In the long term, you may avoid hip, knee, and back problems that come from wearing heels.


Because wedges provide improved arch support and enable you to more evenly distribute pressure on your feet, wearing them often can help with maintaining good posture.

For the best posture while wearing wedges, make sure the arch is not overly curved and choose a shoe with medium cushioning.

When considering good posture, choose wedges that don’t exceed the heel height of three inches.

Keep These Tips in Mind:

Even with wedges, wearing heels long-term can become an issue for some people, but they can be avoided with a few simple considerations.

By choosing a heel that is under 3 inches high, choosing shoes made with natural fabrics, and by sticking with shoes that have supportive straps, you will save yourself pain and injuries in the future

Can You Wear Wedges as a Bride?

Absolutely, you can wear wedges as a bride! Bridal wedges are a fabulous choice, especially because they are fashion-forward, comfortable and stylish.

Many brides believe that wedges are too casual, but there are many wedge styles that are beautiful and wedding day-worthy shoes!

Whether you prefer closed-toe shoes or open-toe shoes, sky-high heels, or a little lift, wedges are the perfect shoe choice for your wedding day!

Why You Should Choose Bridal Wedges for Your Wedding:

Bridal wedges are an all-around good choice when it comes to wearing them for your wedding. They are beautiful, stylish, and comfortable. However, several situations make wearing wedges the ultimate option in bridal footwear.

  • at a beach or grass wedding so you don’t sink into sand or grass, as you would with stilettos
  • for walking on tricky surfaces like cobblestones or gravel
  • for people who are not used to walking on heels
  • for stable, all-day wedding fun without having to change into flip-flops or sneakers

Can Wedges be Formal?

Bridal Wedges

Yes! Wedges are one of the trendiest and most comfortable heeled shoes you can wear for your formal events, including your very own wedding day!

Start by determining what your fashion aesthetic is for your event. What is the overall vibe of the event and the style of your dress? This will determine if your wedges need to be formal, casual, sleek, modern, vintage or dainty looking. Fear not-there is a style of wedges for every look!

Here are some fashion tips and examples of wedge styles that add elegance, sophistication, and pizazz to your formal events.

  • intricate jeweled patterns and embellishments
  • strappy peep-toe wedges
  • wedges in gold, silver, and other metallic colors
  • romantic and ethereal wedges such as rattan wedges adorned with ribbons and bows made from flowing ribbon
  • chic, sculpted wedges for an avant-garde look
  • shiny, satin wedges with bows or other embellishments
  • with lacy or flowery details
  • wedges that are top to bottom glitter
  • modern glass “Cinderella” slipper wedges

Beautiful Bridal Wedges

Bridal wedges are a wonderful choice of footwear for your special, memorable wedding day. Wedges are comfortable, fashion-forward and a great addition to your overall wedding look!

Looking for the perfect pair of bridal wedges for your special day? Check out our website for all the latest in bridal footwear and for the latest trends in wedding fashion, wedding planning ideas, and money-saving tips!