The 4 Best Bridal Shoes For An Outdoor Wedding

The 4 Best Bridal Shoes For An Outdoor Wedding

What are the best bridal shoes for an outdoor wedding?

Close your eyes for a moment and picture your wedding day in your mind. Think about all of the decisions that you have locked in so far.

Picture your wedding ceremony… where are you having your photographs taken and finally… imagine your wedding reception or celebration.

If any of these – wedding ceremony, wedding photography or wedding reception – are outdoors, you will need to wear suitable bridal shoes for an outdoor wedding… or have a second pair of shoes to slip into.

Consider the various locations below. Also, remember to factor in the season/ weather conditions that you are likely to experience on your wedding day.

Block Heel Wedding Shoes

Best Bridal Shoes for Walking in the Grass

Wedges, block heels, flats and boots are the 4 best types of bridal shoes to wear when walking in the grass is required on your wedding day.

The main feature of all of these types of bridal shoes is the wide surface area of the heel of the shoe.

A stiletto heel will sink into the ground when walking on the grass. This will make you unstable and also your feet end up getting wet or dirty.

A wide heel will sit on top of the grass and provide you with greater stability.
The other feature of your chosen wedges, block heels, flats or boots to check for is a level of traction or grip on the sole of the shoe.

Some fashion shoes are very smooth soled, especially under the ball of the foot. A smooth sole makes it very easy for your feet to slide out from underneath you, especially on wet grass.

If your wedding is in fine weather then wedges and block heels will be perfect.

If your wedding is in wet weather then closed shoes are recommended. Boots with broad heels would be the most practical of all in wet weather. Closed toe flats or wide mid heels would also work.

Bridal Shoes for Beach Wedding

Best Bridal Shoes for Walking in the Sand

Bridal shoes for a beach wedding or beach photography are best if they can slip on and off easily. That way, you can go bare foot while on the sand or at the water’s edge.

Once again, a pair of flats, wedges or block heels make walking in sand easier than narrow heels.

If the weather is warm then slip on scandals with some bling to sparkle in the sunlight would be stunning. Toe ring bling can be added too.

If you are getting married in colder weather but still having a beach wedding or beach photography then boots or closed shoes will be warmer.

Slip-on varieties will be easier just in case they need to be removed for the water. (Have a towel on standby to dry your feet with!)

A beach wedding has totally different needs and expectations to a traditional wedding so yes, it’s totally fine to go barefoot!

Bridal Boots for Outdoor Wedding

Best Bridal Shoes for a rugged, natural landscape or with animals

Getting married on a farm? In a meadow? In the snow? At a National Park? Closed toe bridal shoes that protect your feet are essential when you are in a natural outdoor location. Boots are the most practical option in these settings.

Protecting your feet from animals, snakes or insects, sticks and rocks are a priority. Your comfort will also be better served if you wear boots in these rugged outdoor settings.

9 Winter Wedding Boots showcases different styles of wedding boots for the bride, from country cowgirl to Victorian elegance. Remember to look for styles with wide heels that suit being outdoors.

Stability underfoot, protection from the weather and protection from the landscape are key factors in selecting the best bridal shoes for an outdoor wedding.

Wedges, Flats, Block Heels and Boots make the best bridal shoes for an outdoor wedding.

If you are expecting warm weather then these can be open toe and open heel sandal versions.

If you are expecting cold, wet weather and also if you are in a naturally rugged location then closed toe and closed heel boots are really the only type of shoe for you to consider.