Best Wedding Dresses to Hide Pregnancy

Best Wedding Dresses to Hide Pregnancy

Pregnant and getting married!

If you want to keep your news a tightly held secret for now then you will be looking for the best wedding dresses to hide pregnancy.

Finding a bridal outfit to hide your pregnancy should be relatively simple during your first trimester. It is usually harder to hide in the second and third trimesters.

Just remember that there are plenty of options for wedding dresses for pregnant women.

The earlier the wedding is in your pregnancy, the easier it will be to hide but there are no exact rules for when, where or how big you will grow. It does vary from person to person and from pregnancy to pregnancy.

Your body is going through amazing changes! Remember to look after yourself and your pregnancy throughout the whole process of organizing your wedding.

You might need to adjust some elements of your wedding dress and your wedding day to better suit your new needs.

An open minded and flexible attitude will help you to stay calm and enjoy all the elements of your wedding.

Pregnant and getting married? Your requirements and your decisions will depend on your due date relative to your wedding date… How far along is your pregnancy on your wedding day?

Common Questions About Wedding Dresses For Pregnant Women are:

Can wedding dress hide baby bump? How should I dress to hide pregnancy?

Yes, it is possible to get a wedding dress to hide your pregnancy.

The Best Wedding Dresses to Hide Pregnancy are:

Empire Waist Wedding Dress

An Empire style dress is the easiest shape wedding dress to hide that you are pregnant. The Empire dress is fitted to just underneath the bust line and then it flows out from there.

A-Line Wedding Dress

An A-Line style dress, like the Empire, highlights your shape up the top and hides your shape lower down. It has enough flow around the belly that it can hide a little growth in that region.

The A-Line style of dress is the style of choice for many brides and not just pregnant brides.

A bridal dress with soft, flowing fabric that is gathered or pleated offers plenty of growing room.

It is also a popular and romantic look for brides.

Corset Tied Wedding Dress

A wedding dress with a bodice that is laced up at the back will provide flexibility for fit. This could be an option if you are early in your pregnancy or you’re not going to have access to a dressmaker for last minute alterations.

Be careful not to tie it too tight. You can also retie it during your wedding day if you need a little more comfort as the day progresses.

Best Wedding Dresses to Hide Pregnancy

A stretch fabric Maxi Dress can work like a charm for a comfortable and relaxed wedding dress to hide pregnancy. A Maxi dress will particularly suit a casual wedding.

Stretch fabric allows for your changing body shape.

Remember, your body can change shape all over during pregnancy. It’s often your bust area that will grow first.

Elasticated Panel Dress

An elasticated panel in your wedding dress or an elasticated bodice wedding dress will give you a very comfortable and flexible fit.

Again, especially for a casual wedding, an elasticated dress can be absolutely perfect.

A dress that’s cut on the bias (diagonal) to provide some stretch and beautiful shape.

This style of dress will probably only be suited to a bride in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Tailored Jacket for Wedding Outfit

A tailored jacket worn with a shift or slip dress or with a skirt or comfortable pants and blouse can hide the belly.

Depending on the style and the length of the jacket and the type of fabric, it could also suit a formal wedding.

Regardless of what style of wedding dress or outfit you like the look of, if you are shopping off the rack at a Bridal Salon, phone ahead to let them know that you’re expecting. They can put aside suitable wedding dresses for pregnant women for you to try when you get there.

If you’re not yet pregnant but planning that you might be, let the salesperson know so that they take that into consideration when assisting you.

If your wedding dress is being made, it’s also important that your dressmaker knows that you are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant.

Your dressmaker will be able to recommend styles that will best hide or flatter your pregnant form and also, they can leave some room for last minute adjustments.

Some Other Tricks For Hiding Your Pregnancy at Your Wedding:

Pregnant and getting married but don’t want to let people know before your wedding day?

Choose a magnificent, large flower bouquet and then use it as a decoy to hide your belly region. A flower bouquet that is both wide and flowing will capture and mesmerize the focus of your guests.

A flower bouquet can also be strategically positioned in your wedding photographs. Choose flowers that are low scented as pregnancy can bring on a heightened sense of smell.

Hiding Pregnancy with a Shawl

A shawl or wrap to drape around you can also help to hide your pregnancy on your wedding day.

How do you hide that you’re pregnant at your wedding?

General Wedding Day tips if you have not shared the happy news that you are expecting:

  • It might help to have one or two close confidantes who know your news and can look after you as well as help to cover for you.
  • Have a couple of excuses pre-planned and ready to use if you need them. Reasons for not feeling well or not drinking alcohol etc.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Line up non-alcoholic drinks for you to be served throughout the reception and for the toast.
  • Wear comfortable shoes with low heels or flat shoes.
  • Ensure that the food that you get served is safe to eat during pregnancy. Or have a planned excuse ready for why you’re not eating certain things.
  • Make sure that you’re able to take breaks and sit down.
  • Have a supply of snacks that are working well for you.

How do you dress bump for a wedding?

You might have already announced that you are expecting before your wedding day. If this is the case then you may be looking to embrace your pregnant form in your choice of wedding dress.

Maternity Wedding Dresses

The Empire Style wedding gown is still a very practical option.

It allows the room for your growing belly while still showing your form above the bump.

The bump can then be highlighted with a stunning bridal belt.

Pregnant and Getting Married

A mermaid dress is another form of wedding dress that will emphasize your pregnant belly.

Wedding Dresses for Pregnant Women

A stretch dress that simply molds around your body will highlight your pregnant belly beautifully.

Pregnant and Getting Married – A Pregnant Bride Needs to Make Comfort a Priority!

Wear comfortable shoes that are either flats or low heels.

When you’re pregnant and getting married, it can be helpful to read some real-life stories of pregnant brides who have been in your situation. For some, they needed wedding dresses to hide pregnancy. For others, they baby news was already announced.

For those whose pregnancy is not a secret, Being a Pregnant Bride is a great story about doing the wedding your way.

In the end, when you’re pregnant and getting married, we urge you to choose the wedding dress that makes you feel happy and absolutely the most fabulous.

12 Fabulous Maternity Wedding Dresses might have the dress that you are looking for.

Regardless of whether you are hiding or embracing your baby bump, your wedding dress should be comfortable and also fit within your wedding dress budget.