Buying your Wedding Dress Online

8 Tips for Buying Your Wedding Dress Online

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Considering buying your wedding dress online but feeling a bit nervous about it?

Many women buy their wedding dress online but there are some things to check before placing an order.

I highly encourage you to do your own due diligence before buying your wedding dress online.

The checklist below will help you with buying your wedding dress online with confidence.

8 Tips for Buying your Wedding Dress Online:

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1. Return Policy:

Check out the return policy thoroughly.

Check to see if there are any time limits or any other penalties, costs or rules you must follow if returning your order.

This is important in case you need to return your dress or any items for any reason.

2. Allow Plenty of Time:

Be sure you check time estimates on how long it will take for you to receive your dress once you place the order.

Make sure that the time fits well into your planning schedule for your wedding. Allow for a buffer of extra time to your planning schedule.

3. Allow for delays in shipping:

Check where the dress will be shipping from.

Not all sites hold stock in the same country as you live. Manufacturing can be located anywhere in the world.

It may take longer to get your dress than usual depending on where you are and where your dress is coming from.

From time to time there can be delays in international shipping for various reasons beyond the control of the seller.

4. Allow for Alterations:

You will also need to allow time and budget for any alterations that may be required.

What is your plan B for if the dress that you order just isn’t right?

5. FAQ’s:

Read the website’s FAQ’s for any site you plan to order from.

The FAQ’s will answer some of your questions and even provide answers to some questions that you hadn’t thought of.

6. Read the Reviews:

It is less risky to buy from established sites with several verified reviews.

Check the site you plan to order from for legitimate reviews from other customers before you place your order.

When you read the reviews, are there comments about the quality and fit of the wedding dress?

Reviews are subjective but you are looking to see that the majority of comments are positive.

Are there any common themes in the reviews to consider and factor into your own decision?

You can also google the name of the website and add the word scam after it to see what comes up.

You want to feel confident that you are purchasing from a legitimate business.

7. Dressmaker:

Get a seamstress to take your measurements so that you get an accurate fit before ordering your dress online.

Ask the dressmaker for pricing and time estimates on any alterations that may be required once the dress arrives.

8. Ask Questions:

Ask the website any questions you have. Consider how you feel about their responses before you proceed with placing an order.

Buying Your Wedding Dress Online

Once you have checked off all of the above, and you are preparing to place an order…

…you might want to see if the website has any special offers, bonus offers or clearance sales for items such as shoes, stockings or veils, etc.

Whether you intend buying your wedding dress online or via another channel, seeing what’s available online and at what price point can be beneficial.

Price checking wedding dresses online, provides a really good base point for cost as well as giving you time efficient exposure to many different style possibilities.

Taking a look at wedding dresses online is a great way to help you to gather ideas for what you actually want your own wedding dress to look like.

There are so many wedding gown options available out there that you should have no problem buying your wedding dress online.

Remember to read reviews and to keep an eye out for comments about quality and fit.

Allow yourself plenty of time for ordering and delivery of your wedding dress.

Add a decent buffer of time in case of shipping delays or alteration requirements.

I hope that you find these tips helpful when you are buying your wedding dress online.

I hope that you have success in finding the right wedding dress for you!

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Good luck and Happy Shopping!