Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas

Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas

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Need help finding the perfect cheap wedding favor ideas for your wedding?

There are so many different options for what to gift your wedding guests on your wedding day.

From food to decorative items, practical items to fun, whacky and whimsical items – there are wedding favors that are just right for every kind of wedding and every kind of budget.

What is your budget?

How many guests are attending your wedding? Are your chosen favors breakable? Do you need to order any extra favors?

These questions all go hand in hand as you will need to divide your total wedding favors budget by the number of guests plus any extras required.

This will give you an amount to spend per each wedding favor.

So, before we go any further, have you thought about your budget?

Based on our research, as of 2021, the average cost allotted for wedding favors was around $400-$500.

If your budget is $500 and you need 100 favors (100 guests, or 90 guests plus 10 spares) then the amount per favor for your budget is $5 per favor.

$500 budget divided by 100 favors required = $5 per each wedding favor

Fabulously Frugal Bride is about helping you to save money, spend less and still have a fabulous wedding so remember, you don’t need to spend that kind of money!

Think about the weddings that you have been to. Do you remember the different favors that you have received? Did you really care what favors you were given?

Your wedding guests will be happy to be sharing your special day with you!

So, play around with the numbers a bit…

$200 budget divided by 50 guests = $4 per favor

$100 budget divided by 30 guests = $3.33 per favor

There are also many wedding favor ideas that cost less than $1 per favor. Another idea is to look out for bulk buys and clearance sale items or take a DIY approach.

Decide your budget now (or as soon as possible) because this will be a major deciding factor in what you choose.

Or, you can choose not to have wedding favors at all!

Can your wedding favors serve a second purpose?

Choosing wedding favors that serve another purpose at your wedding might alter your budget. It can also give you one less thing to think about!

Ideas for wedding favors that can also serve another purpose at your wedding:

Table decorations – little vases with flowers, small potted plants, tealight candles. You might even alternate some of these ideas.

Wedding cake – If you want to have a cake cutting ceremony at your reception then you might have it cut and bagged/ boxed up and handed out as your wedding favor.

Name cards and stands that double as affirmation cards.

Are you going to make your own wedding favors?

Making your own wedding favors can be fun, personal and also cost effective. You can have a fun time bonding with your family or friends who help you make your wedding favors.

Making your wedding favors can mean that you can coordinate them with the rest of your wedding colors and style.

The article, Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas might provide some inspiration. You might be able to adapt an idea down to mini versions.

Check out the article 18 Budget-Friendly DIY Wedding Favors for some fun DIY ideas.

What type of wedding favor will fit the theme, style and atmosphere of your wedding?

Is your wedding a formal or traditional affair? Little bags of food treats or boxed cake might make good wedding favors.

Are you having an outdoor wedding? Blankets or shawls to keep your guests warm might be a nice touch or insect repellent to keep those bugs at bay.

Is your wedding going to be one big party? A whimsical approach to wedding favors could add a touch more to the fun. Mini tamborines or party glow sticks are always fun!

Allow for time and logistics:

Allow time and logistics for: Ordering and delivery; Customization; Assembly/ Presentation and; How the wedding favors will be distributed at the reception.

As time gets closer and closer to your actual wedding day you’ll definitely want to make sure that you have made your wedding favors choice.

This is because you need to leave yourself plenty of time for placing an order. You might also consider customizing your wedding favors.

Once you have your wedding favors you might need to assemble them or add wrapping, thank you tags or other presentation details.

Finally, you will need to make the necessary arrangements so that they are set up or passed out at the appropriate time for your ceremony.

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding you have probably already thought a little about wedding favors.

Maybe you have not made up your mind yet as to which ones you’ll want for your own ceremony. That’s okay, we’re here to help you!

Read on for loads of different ideas for cheap wedding favor ideas for your wedding…

Practical Wedding Favors can be used by guests at your wedding:

Practical Wedding Favor Ideas

Covid safe packs (mask and/or hand sanitizer), blankets for a chilly outdoor wedding, fans or insect repellent for a hot day, Turkish towels or sunglasses for a beach wedding.

Food Wedding Favor Ideas:

Food Wedding Favor Ideas

Chocolates, traditional wedding fruit cake, your favorite cake, cake pops, cup-cakes, macarons, donuts, lollies, nuts, mints, cookies, pretzels, popcorn, s’more kits, hot chocolate or teabags.

Food products produced locally that reflect your location such as local coffee beans, local nuts, dried fruit, local honey, gourmet jam, hot sauce, mustard, marinade, olive oil or fudge sauce.

Other Wedding Favor Ideas:

Other Wedding Favor Ideas

Plants, herbs or potted flowers, flowers in vases, candles, soaps, bath salts, bath bombs, lip balm, scented sachets, seed packets, notebooks, bookmarks, wine stoppers, key chains, magnets, mini dream catchers or music boxes.

Whimsical Wedding Favor Ideas:

Whimsical Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding Koozies, bottle openers, coasters, playing cards, mini tamborines, glow sticks or glassware.

There are so many different kinds of delicious, beautiful, sentimental, cool, quirky, fun and useful items to choose as wedding favors.

No matter what kind of wedding favors you decide to gift on your big day, the choice is almost endless.

Have fun shopping for cheap wedding favor ideas for your wedding day!