Cheap Wedding Invitation

Cheap Wedding Invitations

There are just so many options when it comes to wedding invitations. And, yes, there are still so many options even when it comes to cheap wedding invitations!

Brides on the tightest of wedding budgets can create beautiful, affordable and cheap wedding invitations… but how?

So, let’s break down the various options…

When it comes down to cheap wedding invitations nowadays, you have a few basic choices –

  1. Printed Wedding Invitations – printed on stationery and either hand delivered or posted out via the postal service.
  2. Online Wedding Invitations – electronic invitations sent out via email.
  3. A Combination of both Printed and Online Invitations – some guests will receive a printed wedding invitation; other guests will receive an online wedding invitation and yet other guests will receive both the printed and the online invitations.

Cheap Wedding Invitations

Printed Wedding Invitations

Formal Wedding Invitations

Printed, stationery wedding invitations and indeed other types of wedding stationery (such as RSVP’s, Programs, Table Numbers or Menus) don’t have to be that tough a process to create but a lot of people tend to make it that way.

There are many cheap wedding invitations that look fabulous, if you make good choices and think about what you want.

So, if you choose to use printed wedding invitations and the coordinating cards such as RSVP, save the date and all the others, there are certain things you can do and still save yourself some money.

Recent estimates for wedding invitations I have seen run the gamut from around $350 for 150 invitations to well over $3000. Your wedding invitations don’t need to cost this kind of budget.

Wedding invitation costs can easily blow out, especially if you choose many of the expensive options as listed below and use several of the printed materials such as menus, thank you cards and all the rest.

In the end, we want you to have a beautiful outcome and something you’ll be happy and proud to hand out and share with all your guests. It’s also important that your chosen wedding invitations don’t cost an arm and a leg either.

So, while we’re talking about printed wedding materials, do you have to use everything such as RSVP cards, save the date cards and all the other kinds of stationery so often associated with a wedding? The answer is simple… No, you absolutely don’t have to!

You can get by quite easily by choosing as many or as few kinds of wedding stationery as your needs allow, because quite honestly, I feel not all wedding stationery fits all types of services so why bother with the things you don’t need.

And if you want to save yourself a lot of money, one thing you can do when choosing cheap wedding invitations that don’t break the bank is to NOT choose ones with a lot of additional items, such as gold foil, engraving or embossing.

Gold foil, engraving and embossing can all cost a small fortune individually as far as wedding invitations goes. And if you were to choose more than one of those – ouch! There goes that budget right out the door.

So, what I plan to do here is offer you some tips on some of the things you should be looking for when you’re deciding on your printed stationery and also a few things you should probably ignore or leave out if you have any kind of a budget at all.

These tips will help you to choose cheap wedding invitations but remember that they can still look beautiful!

Tips For Choosing Cheap Wedding Invitations

To make things easier for you Frugal Brides, I have made a list of several things you should choose to do, or not do, when deciding on your cheap wedding invitations.

If you want to stay within your budget here is a list of many of the things that will kill your wedding invitations budget in a heartbeat and will end up costing you so much more in the long run.

I hope these tips help – one thing I am assuming here, and I hope it’s OK with you, is that you will be buying invitations for less than 350 guests.  :~)

  1. Digital printing is one of the best, cheapest and fastest ways to get cheap wedding invitations made – also my favorite way overall – and this is the way most printings are done today because this method shines when printing in smaller amounts.
  2. Foil is so beautiful but it is also a very expensive and specialized printing option.
  3. Engraving is very expensive and highly specialized and will cost you mega bucks.
  4. The letterpress option is more expensive than digital printing but does give invitations a very unique look.
  5. Thermography virtually “melts” colors on to the page for a cool raised plastic look but can be a very, very expensive option.
  6. Laser cutting is an option I really like that does not require ink – instead designs can be cut out of paper to leave lacy and creative looks unlike any other – but prices can be expensive depending on what you choose but the results are stunning.
  7. Using postcards instead of cards with envelopes whenever you can will save you lots in printing costs and are much cheaper to mail too. Postcards make great cheap wedding invitations!
  8. Avoiding rounded corners can save you the extra cutting costs.
  9. Envelopes with an inner lining will cost you extra for both the price of the envelopes and possibly the cost of postage as well because of the added weight of the extra layer.
  10. Single sided cards compared to double sided cards can save you loads.
  11. Flat cards vs folded cards can also save you additional costs.
  12. Use standard ink colors to save money – neon and foil inks can be very expensive.
  13. If you add extra layers, pockets or any other kinds of add-ons your cost per piece will be more expensive because of the additional work in creating each invitation.
  14. Choose your cheap wedding invitation papers wisely – some papers can be less than half the costs of others, yet may look almost the same when held side by side.
  15. Avoid handmade papers, which can be very expensive, to save money.
  16. 80 lb papers are a great, budget conscious choice compared to heavier paper weights.
  17. Order more invitations than you think you will need when placing your first order – it’s cheaper to buy 25 or so extras in your initial order than having to pay for a minimum of 100 or more later because you needed a few more but ran out.

How Can I Make Cheap Wedding Invitations Look Expensive?

Cheap Wedding Invitations with a personal touch

Cheap wedding invitations can still look expensive. Some tips for making cheap wedding invitations look expensive are…

  • Look out for clearance sales and discontinued designs! You may be able to find an expensive wedding invitation at a cheap, bargain price.
  • If you have some creative flair then you could design and/or make your own invitations. These could then either be printed at home or printed in-store. When making the decision to print at home, consider the cost of ink. The cost effectiveness of printing from home will depend on how much color and ink there is in your design.
  • You might add your own little finishing touch to cheap wedding invitations to lift the look of them and to better coordinate with your wedding theme and wedding colors.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of the personal touch. If you make your own cheap wedding invitations, your guests will appreciate that the invitations reflect you and your wedding.

How Much Does Postage Cost For Wedding Invitations?

Postage for Wedding Invitations

As of June 2022, it costs $0.58 to post a standard sized card in a standard sized rectangular envelope within the USA.

A standard sized postcard costs $0.40 postage within the USA.

For international postage of a standard sized envelope, the cost jumps to $1.30.

So, posting 100 standard sized printed and enveloped wedding invitations within the USA would cost $58. Posting 100 standard sized wedding invitation postcards within the USA would cost $40.

Posting non-standard envelopes (including square, oversized or unusual envelopes) within the USA costs $0.88 per item.

So, for 100 invitations, the cost can rise from $40 to send out 100 postcards, to $58 to send out 100 standard-sized enveloped invitations, to $88 to send out 100 non-standard-sized enveloped invitations within the USA.

There is a Guide, on the USPS website, for what the length, height and thickness standards are for mail.

Online Wedding Invitations

Sending your wedding invitations online has the potential to be not just cheap but free, yes that’s right, zero cost!

Like with stationery invitations, the cost of online invitations will depend on the level of custom design involved in your chosen invitations.

You may design and send out your own online wedding invitations yourself. Doing it all yourself is the free option.

You may use a company that has some cheap and easy to use, pre-made templates or you may go with an expensive but completely custom, designer creation.

Your decision to go with only using online wedding invitations will need to factor in the technology use of all of your intended invited guests… Does great aunt Thelma have an email address?

A Combination of Both Printed and Online Wedding Invitations

Combination of Printed and Online Wedding Invitations

There are some companies that can coordinate both printed and online wedding invitations. Or, once again, you can make your own combination of both printed and emailed wedding invitations.

Creating a wedding website for your wedding that includes all of the details that your guests will need to know has also become a very popular thing to do.

Now that you have all the information that you need to know when choosing your cheap wedding invitations, you can check out some articles on other aspects of Wedding Planning.