Italian Wedding

Dreaming of an Italian Wedding in 2022?

Apply for the In Lazio with Love (Nel Lazio con amore) Scheme for your Italian Wedding

The Region of Lazio has introduced the In Lazio with Love scheme to encourage couples to get married in Lazio, Italy.

Dreaming of an Italian Wedding in 2022? How does that fit into a frugal wedding budget?

For your wedding or civil union, the Lazio Region gives 2,000 euros.
(Translation from Italian)
Regione LazioNel Lazio con amore

Wait, what?! 2000 euros for my Italian wedding?!

Yes, that’s right – During 2022 you can get married in the Lazio Region of Italy and apply for up to 2000 euros in refunds.

Where? What? When? How? Why?

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WHERE: Lazio, Italy

Rome is in the centre of the region of Lazio. Heading inland, the Lazio region extends up past Lake Bracciano and around Lake Bolsena. It also includes the Apennine Mountains, beautiful nature reserves and stone villages.

Along the coast, Lazio stretches from Pescia Romana to Minturno and includes the beautiful seaside villages of Anzio, Nettuno, Torre Astura, San Felice Circeo, Terracina, Sperlonga and Gaeta. It also includes The Pontine Islands.

The region of Lazio is comprised of The Metropolitan City of Rome Capital plus 4 provinces – Viterbo, Rieti, Frosinone and Latina.

Rome Capital

Vittoriano, Rome, Italy

It is easy to imagine an Italian wedding in Rome. There are so many romantic spots for wedding photos in Rome – The Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona or even the Colosseum!

The Metropolitan City of Rome Capital encompasses more than the city of Rome itself.

There are 120 other municipalities stretching out from the city and along the coast from Civitavecchia to south of Anzio.


The Palace of the Popes is in the city of Viterbo.

The region of Viterbo is the Northernmost province of Lazio.

The capital city of the region is also called Viterbo. It has medieval walls.

Lake Bolsena is a popular Italian wedding destination close to the city of Viterbo.


Rieti, Italy.

The province of Rieti also has a capital city of the same name. The city of Rieti has Roman and Renaissance history in evidence. The Velino River runs through Rieti.

Rieti province is quite mountainous with various ranges in the north, south and east.

The Sabine Hills, with its springs, rivers and lakes, is popular for touring. It features olive groves, wineries and quaint medieval towns and castles. Some of the villages are Toffia, Fara Sabina and Farfa.


Abbazia di Montecassino

The province of Frosinone is to the east of Rome. The area has mountains and valleys as well as natural springs.

The capital city of Frosinone is surrounded by two mountain ranges. Some of the other towns are Cassino, Alatri, Alvito, Agnini, Atina, Boville Ernica, Esperia, Fiuggi and Isola del Liri.

Set on the top of a mountain just outside the town of Cassino, is the historic abbey Abbazia di Montecassino. It has been destroyed and rebuilt several times over the centuries but its roots date all the way back to Saint Benedict in 529.


The Island of Ponza, Italy

The province of Latina is southeast of Rome and stretches along the southern coast of Lazio. It also includes the Pontine Islands.

As well as the coastline of popular sandy beaches, the province has a combination of both drained marshland, and hilly areas. There are small medieval villages. The region is also known for agriculture.

The province of Latina is home to an Italian National Monument, The Garden of Ninfa. Considered a very romantic 105 hectares of gardens.

WHAT: In Lazio with Love

In Lazio with Love (Nel Lazio con amore) is a scheme that will reimburse you up to 2000 euros of your wedding expenses if you get married in Lazio, Italy and use suppliers from the Lazio region.

WHEN: During 2022

In Lazio with Love is potentially running for the whole year of 2022 but will stop when the maximum has been reached. A total of 10 million euros has been allocated for this scheme and when that figure is reached then the scheme ends. That’s 5000+ weddings that can potentially benefit from this scheme.

HOW: Apply Online

You will need to apply online via

There are no English translations on the website – if you don’t speak Italian, you will either need help from someone who does speak/read Italian or Google translate AND a lot of patience!

Apply after you have had your wedding. Have all of the necessary paperwork ready to upload before you apply.

WHY: To support Lazio businesses

The In Lazio with Love scheme has been set up to support Lazio companies in the wedding supply chain whose businesses have been impacted by the Covid pandemic. It is to assist the rejuvenation of the wedding and travel industry in Lazio, Italy.

So, What do you Need to do to Qualify for up to 2000 euro in Wedding Expense Refunds?

The Main Points of the In Lazio with Love Scheme:

  • This scheme is for both Italian and foreign couples who marry or have a civil union in Lazio between 1st January – 31st December 2022.

Note: If you have already had a civil union then it is not valid for you to apply. The civil union/marriage must take place in Lazio.

  • The refund is available for products or services that are directly related to the event and are purchased from Lazio companies.

Examples of Eligible Products or Services:

  • Wedding Planners
  • Event Companies
  • Travel Agencies
  • Formal dress and accessories for the bride or groom only
  • Wedding Dress Packaging
  • Personal Services on the wedding day – such as Hair and Makeup
  • Floral arrangements
  • Purchase of Wedding Rings
  • Wedding Car Rental
  • Rental of Rooms and locations for the ceremony and banquet
  • Musicians, Animation and Entertainment services
  • Wedding Photography and video services
  • Catering and Restaurant Services (Maximum: 700 euros)
  • Wedding Favors
  • Honeymoon (Maximum: 700 euros)
  • Each expense must be incurred between 14th December 2021 – 31st January 2023.
  • Each couple can request reimbursement of up to 5 expense documents.
  • Expenses made through online purchases are NOT valid.
  • Expenses must be made through traceable systems (bank transfer or electronic payment, NOT cash)
  • Expenses must comply with tax legislation and this must be documented through invoices, receipts or accounting documents that show the type of expense and its relevance to the marriage/civil union. The receipts must show the merchants data (location within Lazio), the date of the transaction, the object of the expense (description must be wedding related – for example, clothing is not an adequate description but bridal gown is or Bridal bouquet rather than simply Flowers) and the method of payment. You will then include both the receipt and the evidence of that payment from your bank statement with your application.

The Main Points of the In Lazio with Love Application Process Are:

  • The application link is on the following website –

Note: This is all in Italian. There are no English translations.

  • Applications can be made from 10am, 28th February 2022 – 10am, 31st January 2023.
  • The application must be submitted AFTER the event/ceremony date.
  • A reason for the expense must be submitted with the application and be compatible with the activities for the grant.
  • There is no form for the application but you must include: Full details of the couple in the union, ID documents and Marriage/union forms.
  • Upload up to 5 pdf files (one for each expense) of the required expenses documentation (including both the detailed receipt AND proof of payment).

Note: Each payment installment is considered a separate expense. For example, if you make payments in 3 installments for the one product or service then that will take up 3 out of your 5 expense applications.

  • A statement that the partner has not also applied for the grant.
  • Your contact details, including phone and email.

When Considering the In Lazio With Love scheme, ask yourself:

  • You will initially be out of pocket for all expenses – can you afford the initial payments?
  • What if you don’t get reimbursed?
  • Do you want to get married in Italy?
  • Do you want to honeymoon in Italy?
  • Do you require passports and visas?
  • How many family members and friends will you invite? How many of those are likely to make the trip?

There are Many Things to Consider About Getting Married in Italy (or any International Destination for that Matter!):

Friends and Family: How many friends and family will you invite and how many will be able to attend? If you want a very small and intimate wedding then an overseas location might work well.

Passports and Visas: You will need to check what the requirements are for entry into the country.

Marriage Application Process: What is the Marriage Application Process for the location that you have chosen? Remember, for the Lazio In Love Scheme, it is only valid if you have not had your civil union already. You will need to arrive at the destination at least several days before the wedding date to ensure that the wedding application is able to be processed in time.

Communication: If you don’t speak the language then perhaps a bilingual wedding planner will be beneficial.

Research: You will need to do a fair amount of research if you are planning to get married in Italy or another country that’s not your home country. A simple way to begin is to search online.

Your Budget: Keep your budget front and center. Be up front about budget restrictions when you make your enquiries. If one place is out of your price bracket, ask them for other suggestions.

A wedding planner might be worthwhile even if you are on a tight budget. Cost of Weddings In Italy, has some tips for planning a budget wedding in Italy.

Refer back to the article on Wedding Planning to ensure that you remember what’s most important for you and your own wedding.

Global Factors: Consider how comfortable you feel about international travel based on world health and stability factors – For example, the Covid pandemic and the war in the Ukraine.

If you are Dreaming of an Italian Wedding in 2022 then the In Lazio With Love scheme could be for you!