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Welcome to Fabulously Frugal Bride!

The aim of fabulouslyfrugalbride.com is to bring you wedding planning ideas and tips for budget conscious brides and/or grooms and the fabulous people in your lives who support you!



I’m Lynn and I was inspired to create this website after seeing the experiences of my good friend Amy.

Amy had over $30,000 worth of credit card debt from organizing her lavish dream wedding. Sadly, Amy found herself divorced two years later but she was still paying off debt caused by the cost of the wedding. It took Amy seven years to pay off the wedding debt. Happily, for Amy, she has since remarried a wonderful man. They held an intimate ceremony followed by a dinner at a nearby restaurant. The cost was a fraction of the amount of the first wedding but it was a lovely celebration of their marriage.

So that got me to thinking, there are many ways for people to have a nice wedding!

We can all arrange a wedding that we are truly proud of and that reflects who we are as a couple without having to pay an arm and a leg for it!

So that’s why I decided to create this site, fabulouslyfrugalbride.com

It is my hope that this “wedsite” will be one of those websites that gives people from anywhere and everywhere help in planning their wedding and on a budget to suit their requirements. This website is for brides and/or grooms, and the people in their lives who will help them in planning their wedding day.

There are many questions for you to ask yourself and your partner. I highly recommend that you do ask each other these questions and write down your answers. Doing so will help you to keep on track with making decisions about and bookings for your wedding. I hope that you find loads of useful information and inspiration here at Fabulously Frugal Bride to assist you in planning your beautiful budget wedding.

My mission is to give you a variety of ideas, tips and information so that you can use it (or change it) to make your wedding day the happiest wedding day ever!

At the end of your big day, I hope you have sore cheeks from non-stop smiling!

I hope that you are thrilled with how the whole day went and that you enjoyed every minute of it but that you don’t have a large credit card bill like my friend Amy did!

I hope you enjoy looking around this budget wedding ideas site. Even more importantly, I sincerely hope that you find some inspiration to take with you and use for your own wedding day.

Best of wishes for a wonderful wedding day but even more importantly, best wishes for your future together!


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