Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas

Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas

Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas:

Are you considering giving a homemade wedding gift but not sure what to make?

This article has a comprehensive list of Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas.

A homemade wedding gift is your own unique way of telling the bride and groom that you love and care for them and think that they are special.

A homemade wedding gift is also a creative way to thank the couple for inviting you to be a part of their wedding day celebrations.

You might be trying to give a special gift but also trying to save money.

Remember, putting your own time and energy into a homemade wedding gift is worth so much more than the dollar amount you would pay to purchase a gift.

The couple will cherish it!

There are so many ways to give a homemade wedding gift. The type of homemade wedding gift that you give will depend on your own skills and talents and also your relationship with the couple getting married.

So, exactly what things can you do to make this particular gift giving experience fit into your budget and still be something that you will feel proud to give away to the newlyweds?

Why don’t you take a few minutes and look at just a few different ways to accomplish this goal of giving the best wedding gift possible for the lowest price and adding your own special talents in as well to this unique wedding present. 

A homemade wedding gift depends a lot on your particular skill set and your talents.

Homemade Pottery Wedding Gift

Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas


An item that you have sewn, knitted or crocheted, such as a quilt, blanket, table linen or wall hanging.

Cross Stitch or Needle Point

I was given a framed needlepoint that has our names and wedding date inside a floral heart. It’s beautiful plus there is an added bonus… my husband sees it every day and never forgets our wedding anniversary!


A painting, drawing or photograph – whatever medium you are proficient in.

You could give a landscape painting of a place that is significant to the couple (a place that they have traveled to, their home, the location of the ceremony, reception or honeymoon, where they met etc).

A portrait or caricature of the couple is another idea.

Wood Art

Wood art can be either ornamental or functional.

A friend was gifted a handmade wooden coffee table. It was such a special gift that they use every day.

Other functional wood art could be a cheese board, a tray or platter, a chopping block or hall table – there are so many possibilities.

Ornamental wood art could be a wall hanging or sculpture. These items can also be personalized if you choose.


If you are skilled with clay then there are so many wonderful wedding gift ideas for you to make.

A bowl, jug, vase or other vessel made and glazed by you would be such a beautiful wedding gift.

Handcrafted Jewelry

If you make handcrafted jewelry, perhaps you could incorporate something personal into a bracelet or necklace such as initials or the wedding date.

If the bride has admired your jewelry you might offer her something special to wear on her wedding day.

Personalized Address Labels, Personalized Stationery or Personalized Cards.

These can be created on a computer and ordered online.

A Personalized Calendar of Birthdays and Anniversaries

These are so easy to make and are created from photos you already have. Plus, these are fairly inexpensive overall and can be made online or at many stores throughout the country.

To make it even more special you can add birthdays or anniversaries and other special dates inside to help the couple remember. This is a great gift that can be used all year round.

Create a Unique Photo Book

These are wonderful wedding gifts and can be created by collecting photos of the couple, the wedding ceremony or family and friends and creating a book of pictures.

You can make them about a topic or theme such behind the scenes pictures from the wedding or pictures of the couple over the years before they got married.

Ask the family, the Moms, best friends and others for favorite and unique pictures of the couple and there you go. Everything you need for a cool picture book that is unique to them can be put together with a little time.

Create a Unique Recipe Book

Collect a favorite recipe from each friend or family member and a photo of the contributor with the engaged couple. Print it up like a photo book.

Home Grown Pot Plants

If you have a green thumb, and plants are an item that you grow yourself, these can be a terrific wedding present that are both inexpensive (cheap for you to grow but expensive to buy) and very thoughtful too.

Go a few steps further by including tips on how to take care of the plant. Include watering and feeding instructions.


Make up a batch of the food, drink or dish that you are famous for and that is a favorite of the couple.

Whatever it is that you are best known for such as a special kind of bread, yummy jams or jellies, super tasty candies of any flavor or your family’s favorite cookie choice. Include the recipe in case they want to make more for themselves later.

Once you’re done, package it in a keep jar/ canister/ bowl. You could even make a gift label that says “With Love to” or something like that.

Many Other Items

Many other items can be created too with just a little bit of creativity, artistry and imagination. So, just how crafty are you?

If you would like to give a special, personal, unique wedding gift but don’t have the skills to make it yourself then there are some other thoughtful wedding gift ideas to consider buying.

Glasses With Names as Wedding gift

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Monogrammed Products

Towels, sheets, travel bags with monogrammed initials or surname are a thoughtful wedding gift.

Engraved Items

Photo frames and other silverware such as cake or salad servers or trays can all be engraved with names, dates or special quotes or messages. The amount of engraving is subject to the available space and the skill of the engraver.

Personalized Items

A Christmas bauble, various wooden items such as trays or lidded boxes and glassware can be extra special with personalization added. There are many unusual items, that can be personalized, that make fabulous wedding gifts.

Hardcover Book

A Hardcover book with a personal message inside the cover is a unique wedding gift.

Look for a topic of interest to the couple. Are they interested in travel? What hobbies do they have?

To make this gift even more special getting an autographed copy from the author would be ideal.

The type of wedding ceremony and reception that the couple have chosen may also factor into the gift that you give if you are contributing a talent or item for the wedding day rather than a physical present.

Playing piano as wedding gift

Sharing Your Talents or Possessions as Wedding Gifts

Some of the gifts for my own wedding that I really appreciated as it made the day both more personal and less expensive were:
  • A friend was a makeup artist. She came to the house and did the bridal makeup for us.
  • Some talented family and friends played the instruments and sang our chosen music at our wedding ceremony.
  • A friend loaned us his white vintage car that my dad drove us to the church and the reception in.
  • An aunt made the wedding cake.

When I asked these favors of our family and friends I was very clear that I would be extremely grateful for their talents and it was absolutely to be their wedding gift to us. I do admit that they still gave us presents but it was not necessary for them to do so!

Some other ideas that you could offer, depending on your own skills, are:

  • Making the flower bouquets
  • Arranging the flowers at the ceremony
  • Wedding photography
  • Wedding videography
Homemade wedding gifts are incredibly thoughtful and unique.

The couple will cherish the one-of-a-kind wedding gift that you make or share using your talent. A wedding gift that is hand crafted with love by a friend or family member will be truly valued by the couple getting married.

A homemade wedding gift is truly special.

You can check out some more homemade wedding gift ideas in the video below… or perhaps you need a little gift to treat the bride?