7 Tips For How to Make a Cheap Wedding Dress Look Expensive

7 Tips For How To Make a Cheap Wedding Dress Look Expensive

Most of us don’t have the wedding budget to buy or commission the wedding dress of our dreams. So, what do we do to make our frugal budget look the opposite?

How do you make a cheap wedding dress look expensive?

You have to keep in mind that being on a budget does not mean you will be stuck wearing a cheap wedding dress that you don’t love.

Anything can look beautiful and expensive with a few nifty tips and tricks. We cannot wait to see you in your fabulous wedding dress!

Read on for some tips and tricks on how to make a cheap wedding dress look expensive.

How to Make Your Cheap Wedding Dress Look Expensive

Tip #1 – Keep Your Wedding Dress Simple

Keeping your cheap wedding dress unadorned is one option for keeping the cost down.

If you are a woman who likes to keep things simple then this approach will not be any surprise to your wedding guests who know you well.

Some women feel more confident and comfortable without a whole lot of bling or adornment.

If that sounds like you then it’s a perfectly good decision to keep your wedding dress to minimal bling as well. In fact, it will suit your personality and look just right on you.

If you have a flamboyant approach to fashion then another way of expressing that, whilst still keeping your wedding dress unadorned, is to emphasize another bridal accessory such as your flowers, hair, veil, make up, jewelry or shoes!

When choosing which accessory to emphasize, go with what you love.

A close friend loves flowers so she went all out on the bridal bouquet for her wedding and she loved it! She made her cheap wedding dress herself and bought her veil in a clearance sale.

Some of you might love shoes – if they’re your thing then go for it! For others of you, your hair, veil, jewelry or makeup might be more what your focus and splurge is on.

Just remember, your splurge item will still have a budget too!

Tip #2 – Buy the best quality wedding dress that your budget allows

Buying the best quality wedding dress that your budget allows will help you to feel fabulous – look for clearance sales and thrift shop bargains!

This is a way of actually getting an expensive wedding dress cheaply!

Hiring a wedding dress is another way to wear an expensive wedding dress on a cheap budget.

Tip #3 – Consider Your Wedding Dress Fabric

Whether you are looking at buying a second-hand gown, making your wedding dress or shopping for an unbranded one, consider whether the material you choose is comfortable and easily altered.

Most cheap wedding gowns are made using a polyester fabric.

You might read that polyester is highly flammable and doesn’t breathe well – don’t let that bother you. (Just be careful around candles and don’t stand too close to an open fire!)

The other consideration is to wear tried and tested, non-staining, antiperspirant deodorant.

There are many polyester fabrics that look and feel beautiful and will be perfectly suitable for your wedding dress.

You can buy satins, laces, chiffons and tulles that are all made from polyester so it doesn’t matter what style wedding dress you are aiming for.

If you really desire a wedding dress that is made from silk, consider whether you or a close relative might be able to make your own wedding dress. You may be able to find an end of roll piece of silk on clearance.

If you are prepared to take the time to look, you might score a good quality yet cheap wedding dress, made of luxury material, in a thrift store. Be sure to follow the washing instructions as luxury fabrics are often dry clean only.

Tip #4 – Add Your Own Bling

 Add bling to a plain wedding gown yourself by wearing a sparkly belt and/or broach, or by stitching on applique pieces or beading.

You can look for accessories suitable for this at fabric stores, bridal boutiques or simply search online.

The article Find a Bridal Belt for your Wedding Gown has a selection of belts and sashes with product links for your convenience.

Beaded Bridal Belt

Tip #5 – Decorate the Back of your Wedding Dress

Detailing the back of your wedding gown looks very elegant. You could opt to have a low back design, have back panels with sheer or lace material or decorate the back of your dress with rhinestones, sequins or beads.

Tip #6 – Wear a wedding dress that fits you well

How well your wedding dress fits you and suits you will go a long way towards making it look expensive.

If you need help to work out what suits you, the article What’s the Best Wedding Dress for my Body Type? will help you to discover this.

Having a good fit and a style that suits both your body shape and personality will make a cheap wedding dress look just right for you.

Therefore people won’t be thinking about how much it cost but instead they will be thinking about how beautiful you look wearing it!

Tip #7 – Stand Proud

Stand proud just the way you are! A huge smile, confident body language and good posture will make everything look fabulous!

If you’re not feeling confident then remember to fake it till you make it with this one.

The more that you practice smiling and acting confidently, the more it will help you to actually begin to feel happy and confident.

When a bride is smiling and exuding confidence and happiness, the focus is on her face and how happy she looks rather than on any other details like what she is wearing.

A confident and smiling bride will receive comments like,

“(insert your name here) looks radiant!”

Smiling Bride

There you have it – how to make a cheap wedding dress look expensive!

By incorporating these budget-friendly tips into your wedding dress, you are sure to walk down the aisle feeling fabulous in your cheap wedding dress that looks expensive!