Natural Glam Wedding Makeup

Natural Glam Wedding Makeup

If you are a woman who wears only a little makeup on a daily basis then natural glam wedding makeup will be what you are looking for on your wedding day.

Scrolling through trending makeup looks, you’ll often see full glamor with contour, bold eye shadow, sharp liner, and blinding cheek highlight. While this may be the popular look, many women don’t feel like themselves wearing this much makeup.

Brides want to look their most beautiful on their wedding day but they still want to feel like themselves.

Natural glam wedding makeup complements a bride’s features and gives an effortless yet polished look.

Our guide will break down all the elements of natural glam so you can DIY wedding makeup or explain to your bridal makeup artist exactly what you want.

The Natural Glam Wedding Makeup Color Palette:

Natural glam looks tend to shy away from bold and vivid colors. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or use brighter colors.

Overall, a natural glam color palette is more neutral.

Browns, tans, greys, bronzes, and golds tend to be the base colors for this kind of look. You can add a little color with reds, oranges, pinks, and even blues as long as they’re soft and muted shades.

The great thing about natural glam wedding makeup is that there’s a color palette for every bride, no matter the skin tone.

Cool-toned skin is complemented by purples, greys, and blues. Browns, golds, olives, and pinks complement warm-toned skin. Those with neutral tones fall somewhere in between and can wear most colors.

Keep these tips in mind as you look for inspiration photos and makeup options.

Natural Glam Wedding Makeup

Creating the Natural Glam Wedding Makeup Look:

For a natural glam look, face makeup is all about creating a glow. It’s lighter and softer.

The key to achieving the Natural Glam Look with your face makeup is to use the right tools and blend well.

Buffing brushes are a great option because they help apply a smooth and even layer of foundation. You can also use them to blend the makeup.


This is not the time for a full face of foundation. To achieve the natural look, opt for a tinted moisturizer instead. It’ll provide light coverage for any dark spots or bumps. But it’ll also hydrate the skin and leave a glowy finish.

If you want more coverage, you can use a traditional foundation. Place the foundation in the areas you need it most and blend well into the skin.


A soft, natural glam look is not the place for heavy contour. But you can still give your face dimension and sculpt your features.

Instead of a contour kit, opt for a cream bronzer.

Apply a little around the edges of your face and on your cheeks in a C-shape up to your temple. Be sure to blend well to remove any harsh lines.

Blush and Highlight:

Give your skin that bit of glow and color with soft shades of blush and highlight.

Choose cream versions of these products and place them on the high points of your face, like your cheekbones and nose. Use a little to start and build on the product slowly.

Try applying blush and highlight with your fingers. This technique will help melt the product to create a softer finish.

Showcasing your Eyes and Brows the Natural Glam way:

You want to have the attention drawn to your eyes, so nailing the natural glam look here is imperative. When choosing a color palette, stay neutral, muted, and monochromatic. Think simple and impactful.

Getting a soft, natural glam eye is all about the eye shadow palette and the makeup brushes you choose.

Choose bristles that are soft and dense to make blending easy. Having both rounded and sloped brushes will help you better achieve the look.

Eye Shadow:

For eye shadow, keep your tones muted. Neutral colors like brown, tan, and grey are the traditional colors for this kind of look. But you can also incorporate soft blues, pinks, and metallic shades like gold and silver.

Be sure to choose eye shadows that have a matte or satin finish to keep the look as natural as possible. Stay away from glitters and bold colors.

You can try a soft smokey eye or do one color all over. Makeup artists add a bit of eye shadow below the lower lash line to create a “drop shadow.”

If you’re doing multiple colors, you’ll want to start with your darkest shade and work your way lightest. Don’t pack on the color; instead, apply lightly in layers to build the look.


You don’t want your eyeliner to be too dark. Choose dark brown over black and swap liquid liner for an eyeliner pencil. The goal is to create a diffused look to create a smokier, softer finish.

You can add the eyeliner only to your lids or create a bit of a wing, depending on the exact look you want.


Eyelashes help define your eyes and give them that polished touch. You can either use mascara or false eyelashes to help achieve a finished look.

Lashes are one place where you can go a little heavier with your natural glam wedding makeup – that’s where the glamorous side will come in.

Give your lashes a few coats of mascara to add length. In between coats, comb out the lashes to create separation and definition.

If you want to add false lashes, don’t go too thick. Choose a wispier false lash that mimics natural lashes to get the soft, ethereal look.


If you have bare spots or sparse hairs, you can lightly fill in your brows with a brow pencil. But if you already have full eyebrows, you can use a brow spoolie to brush and fluff them.

A clear brow gel will keep the hairs separated. But use it sparingly, so your eyebrows don’t look stiff or crunchy.

With a brow spoolie, lightly brush your eyebrows upwards to separate the hairs. You can then brush the tops towards the outside of your temples to mimic the natural growth pattern.

How Do You Treat Your Lips To Achieve Natural Glam Wedding Makeup?

Finish off your natural glam wedding makeup with a soft lip. Choose a similar color to your eye and cheek color to keep the look consistent. Remember, soft pinks and neutral tones work best.

Define your lip shape with a lip liner, then add your lip color. Unlike the eyes, matte lipstick creates more of a full glam look. You can add a clear gloss over matte or satin looks.

Or simplify this last step by using a tinted gloss to add a bit of color and shine.

Natural Glam Wedding Makeup

Highlight Your Beauty With Natural Glam Wedding Makeup

A natural glam look is all about bringing out your natural beauty. It’s about highlighting and accentuating the features that make you unique.

That doesn’t always mean less or no makeup; it’s simply different products and a different strategy.

Natural glam wedding makeup makes a bride look effortlessly beautiful on her big day. If you know this is the kind of look you want, it’s a good idea to find inspiration pictures to capture the exact look you want, whether you’re planning on DIY wedding makeup or hiring a professional.

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