Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Searching for plus size wedding dresses to suit your body and your personality might seem daunting but the right wedding dress is out there waiting for you to find it.

The average bride will try on between four and seven wedding gowns before finally falling in love with “the one.” For the plus size bride, this number can be much higher.

There are fewer full-bodied bridal models out there, making it difficult for brides of size to see themselves in the most popular plus size wedding dresses.

On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you, and you are worthy of that admiration! This is the day to be bold. Your partner has fallen in love with you and now you are getting married!

Shopping for plus size wedding dresses can be a positive, joyful experience once you know what to look for.

Success at the bridal boutique begins with learning about the most flattering styles for your body type. There is a gorgeous gown is out there for every plus size bride – you just need to learn how to find it!

We’ve created this guide to ensure that brides of all sizes feel their best on their big day! Keep reading to learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about walking down the aisle in a plus size wedding dress.

What Is Considered Plus Size?

As a general rule, a woman is plus size if she wears a size 18 (or 1X) or higher. Clothing in size 7X or larger falls into extended sizing, not plus size.

Remember that the size of your clothing is just an objective measurement of your body as it exists. If your body will look beautiful and feel comfortable in a plus size wedding dress, you should wear one!

What Wedding Dress Styles Look Best on a Plus Size Bride?

It’s important to remember that all bodies, including plus size bodies, are unique. Many factors go into what makes a dress flattering besides your physical size. Your height, bust size, limb and torso length, and overall body shape will also contribute!

With that in mind, you’ll want to answer a few questions before you begin thinking about wedding dress styles.

  1. What parts of your body do you love and hope to accentuate?
  2. Are you willing to be risque or would you prefer to stay conservative?
  3. When, seasonally, will you be getting married? What will the weather be like?

These should serve as the jumping-off point and can help you better communicate what look you want and hope to achieve. The associates at wedding boutiques have experience pulling the most flattering silhouettes for their clients. They will be an incredible resource as you narrow down what you’re looking for.

In general, however, there are a few wedding dresses for plus size brides that tend to be more flattering than others. Here are a few of the best wedding dress styles for bigger bodies.

A-Line Plus Size Wedding Dresses:

An A-line dress silhouette has a fitted top and flares toward the hem.

These dresses tend to flatter brides with wider hips who hope to show off a full bust. Their necklines can vary, making them versatile in terms of modesty.

Plus Size Bride

Ballgown Plus Size Wedding Dresses:

A ballgown or princess gown also has a fitted top, but the skirt is fuller and begins at the bride’s natural waist.

The full skirt does a lot to draw attention away from the lower body. The eye will naturally go to the bride’s waist, which is great for those with smaller busts.

Sheath Plus Size Wedding Dresses:

A sheath dress is form-fitting and straight, with no emphasis on the waistline.

A sheath wedding dress gets tailored specifically to accentuate the curves of the bride’s body. If you won’t want to draw attention to any particular body part, this is a great choice.

Are Mermaid Dresses Flattering on Plus Sized Bodies?

Brides of all sizes tend to be wary about the form-fitting mermaid dress!

There are very few women who believe that this popular style will flatter their bodies. It makes sense that plus-sized brides might be extra reticent about giving this style a try!

This style will not be a perfect fit for every plus-sized bride, but many of you might find yourselves surprised.

The key to rocking this style is a body with a defined waist.

If you love your curves and want to show them off while you tie the knot, this style can absolutely work for you.

With that said, a bride with an apple or pear-shaped body type may want to avoid this style. There are so many beautiful gowns out there that flatter curvy bodies with less defined waists.

Still, our best advice is to try on the dress, see yourself in it, and make a decision from there.

How Can I Hide My Lower Belly Fat in My Wedding Dress?

While it’s great to start by thinking about the body parts you want to accentuate, it’s common to feel self-conscious about others. So many plus sized brides stress over the way their bellies look in form-fitting gowns. If you want to reduce the appearance of your lower belly fat in your dress, there are a few things you can do.

Use Shapewear or Corsetry:

First, you might want to give shapewear or corsets a try. It won’t magically get rid of your belly fat, but it can help even it out by redistributing it.

This makes many brides feel more confident about their silhouette.

Try a Blingy Belt:

You might also choose to accessorize your wedding dress with a belt. This gorgeous accessory will draw the eye toward your natural waist and away from your lower stomach. If your gown has a full skirt, no one will see your belly fat at all!

Draw the Gaze Elsewhere:

You might also choose to emphasize other parts of your body so much that nobody notices your belly at all!

Try an off-the-shoulder neckline, elaborate headpiece or veil, or even a gorgeous necklace to draw gazes upward. A single, shiny accessory can make a huge difference!

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

The Plus Size Wedding Dresses of Your Dreams Are Waiting!

Years from now, when you look through your wedding album, what do you hope to see?

If you stick to our advice, you’ll be looking at a beautiful, beaming bride wrapped in a dress that made her feel confident, gorgeous, and proud! The best plus size wedding dresses always work their magic, creating effervescent memories for years to come!

Now that you’ve found the gown, it’s time to plan everything else! Check out the rest of the Fabulously Frugal Bride Blog for more advice for brides on a budget. Start with this post featuring tips for buying a wedding dress online.