Spring Wedding Colors

Spring Wedding Colors 2022

Choosing your Spring Wedding Colors in 2022

Spring is a beautiful time of the year to get married.

The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and we all emerge from our winter hibernation and take to the great outdoors once again. There are Spring flowers in bloom and so many color options for all of your Spring wedding needs!

Choosing Colors for your wedding might feel like a big decision but here are a few tips to help you decide on the color scheme for your Spring Wedding.

What Questions to ask when Choosing your Spring Wedding Colors:

  • What are your favorite colors?
  • What colors suit your attendants?
  • What colors are in fashion this season?
  • Do you have any particular favorite flowers or other items that you want to include in your Spring wedding? What colors are these?
  • Where is the location of your wedding? Are there any natural elements that will look amazing with certain colors… For example: Are your photos in a field of wildflowers?

As for your favorite colors and the colors that suit your attendants, it is up to you and, if you choose, your attendants to answer those questions.

With regards to the fashion colors of the season, it’s worthwhile taking a look at the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report.

The Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report for Spring/ Summer 2022 lists 10 main colors for the season as well as some “Core Classic” colors. The Core Classic colors are timeless colors that are expected to be used in the upcoming Autumn/ Winter.

The Pantone 10 Main Fashion Colors of Spring/Summer 2022:

1. Pale Blue – Pantone Name: Spun Sugar – This is a pretty, pale, ice blue. Like a baby blue.

2. Pale Pink – Pantone Name: Gossamer Pink – A pretty, pale pink. Like a baby pink.

3. Hot Pink – Pantone Name: Innuendo – Innuendo is a bright, vivid hot pink.

4. Navy Blue – Pantone Name: Skydiver – A paler version of navy blue. Like a Marine Blue.

5. Bright Yellow – Pantone Name: Daffodil – This color is aptly named. It is a strong, bright, happy color.

6. Dusty Blue – Pantone Name: Glacier Lake – Glacier Lake is a mid-dusty blue.

7. Teal – Pantone Name: Harbor Blue – Harbor Blue has a fair bit of green in it. It’s a true deep blue-green.

8. Brown – Pantone Name: Coca Mocha – This is a warm, mid brown. A Chocolate color.

9. Magenta – Pantone Name: Dahlia – Another strong and warm color… think Fuchsia.

10. Scarlet – Pantone Name: Poinciana – This is a bright scarlet red. It’s almost a fluorescent red.

Note: The background colors have been used to represent the color trends but are not accurate representations of the Pantone Colors.

The Core Classic colors that are listed by Pantone for Spring/Summer 2022 are:

White – Pantone Name: Snow White – Snow white is a pure white.

Champagne – Pantone Name: Perfectly Pale – This champagne beige has a touch of dusty pink to it.

Dusty Mid-Green – Pantone Name: Basil – This is a dusty mid green color.

Pale Grey – Pantone Name: Northern Droplet – Northern Droplet is a pale, icy grey.

Dark Grey – Pantone Name: Poppy Seed – Poppy Seed is a deep grey color but not as dark as charcoal.

Note: The background colors have been used to represent the color trends but are not accurate representations of the Pantone Colors.

These 10 Fashion Colors of the season as well as the Core Classic Colors provide plenty of inspiration for use in your wedding colors.

You might just want to choose one main color. You might add a couple of secondary accent colors to your main color. You might vary the shades of a color to have darker and lighter versions of it.

When considering flowers for your bouquet, Spring flowers provide you with a Spring color palette too!

You may have favorite flowers blooming in your own garden or a relative’s garden during Spring that you can cut and use for your wedding.

If you’re not a flower guru then it’s worthwhile speaking with a florist or your flower wholesaler to ensure that you are choosing flowers that will be readily available at the time of your wedding.

Experimenting With Color Combinations For Your Spring Wedding:

Remember to consider your favorite colors as well as colors that your bridesmaids might possibly wear again!

When you lay colors beside each other you start to see what works for you.

The possibilities are virtually endless – Have fun experimenting!


Pale Pink


Pale Pink


Hot Pink

Pale Grey

Mint Green

Dusty Blue

Pale Blue

Dusty Blue

Navy Blue


Navy Blue



Bright Yellow


Examples of How to Mix Colors for Your Spring Wedding:

One Main Color:

The color of the bridal outfit plus one main accessory color. This accessory color will be repeatedly used in flowers, invitations, accessories and decorations.

One Main Color plus a Number of Secondary Accent Colors:

The color of the bridal outfit plus one main accessory color AND a couple of other accent colors that are also used or several colors used equally.

Here, the attendants might all be in patterned outfits that have a few colors that can be picked up and used as the wedding colors.

Another way of using several colors is to have one main accessory color that might be used for the attendant’s outfits and then use a couple of other colors added in the bouquets. All of these colors are then used in décor.

Or, different attendants may wear different colors!

One Color Repeated in Varying Shades:

The color of the bridal outfit plus one main accessory color that is used in different shades from light to dark.

The attendants might wear varying shades of the one color. This is then repeated in the various decorative elements of the wedding.

How Color can be Co-ordinated Throughout your Spring Wedding:

  • Save the Dates, Invitations and Thank you’s
  • Your Accessories – Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Clothing Accents, Shoes
  • Your Attendants – Clothing, Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Shoes, Umbrellas, Wraps or Other Accessories
  • Flowers – In the Bouquets and buttonholes, Ceremony Décor Flowers, Reception Décor and Table Flowers, Confetti Petals
  • Booklets – Color can be used on the covers, for the paper, in the print (although keep the font easily readable) or color ribbons can be added to fix the booklets together.
  • Wedding Cars
  • Wedding Decorations
  • Wedding Cake
  • Wedding Favors

If you’re not sure what colors to choose for your Spring wedding you might take a flexible approach initially and see if there’s a dress, invitation or decoration that you fall in love with. That product will then lead you to a color selection.

Have fun choosing your Spring wedding colors!