Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers For Any Budget

Wedding Flowers

Regardless of the Size of Your Flower Budget, You Will be Able to Have Wedding Flowers to Suit The Style of Your Wedding.

Sometimes a little creative thinking is required but there is always a way to include flowers, foliage or plants in your wedding day without breaking your budget.

Wedding flowers contribute to the style, atmosphere, mood and joy of your wedding day. They make a wonderful first impression as your family, friends and guests arrive to celebrate your special day.

Wedding Flowers Set The Scene For The Style of Wedding Celebration Taking Place.

 Like the backdrop to a play, wedding flowers indicate the level of formality or casualness of the occasion.

Your choice of wedding bouquets might have special meanings or stories for you and your partner. There may be symbolism in your selection of plant type or color.

The cost of wedding bouquets can vary greatly.

There are several factors that will impact cost. Consider your bridal flower budget carefully. Speak with florists well in advance to collect ideas and pricing.

Bridal Flowers are a choice, as are many inclusions in a wedding day. Keep your budget front and center and stick to it even if you need to think outside the box.

Are you intending to carry a fresh flower bouquet at your wedding? Will your attendants also hold bouquets? Will the groom and groomsmen wear boutonnieres? What about corsages for the mothers?

As well as the wedding bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages, will there also be flowers at the ceremony and reception?

Flowers, Foliage or Plants Can Be Used in Many Ways for Your Wedding Day:

  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Bridesmaids bouquets
  • Flower girls bouquet/ basket/ hoop
  • Hairpieces for the bride and/or the bridesmaids and flower girls
  • Groom’s boutonniere (buttonhole)
  • Groomsman’s and/or ring bearers boutonnieres (buttonholes)
  • Boutonnieres (buttonholes) for the Fathers
  • Corsages or boutonnieres (buttonholes) for the Mothers
  • End of Aisle adornment
  • At the ceremony
  • At the document signing table
  • If your wedding ceremony is indoors then perhaps some vases of flowers or pots of plants will be placed around the room.
  • If your wedding ceremony is outdoors then perhaps you will stand under an archway or arbor of flowers or you might place some pot plants in key positions.
  • There are many possibilities for Reception venue flowers.
  • Table centerpieces
  • On the cake or beside the cake
  • Pots of flowers or plants may be used to highlight the venue’s entrance way
  • Pots or vases of flowers might be placed around the edge of the room
  • Flowers or foliage may be suspended from the ceiling or wrapped around beams
  • Small pot plants or vases of flowers can be used as wedding favors
  • A second bouquet for tossing
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Bridal Bouquet
Boutonniere/ Buttonhole
Flowers Decorate a Wedding Table
Flowers Sit Atop a Wedding Cake
Small vases of Flowers
Consider the style of wedding that you’re having when choosing your wedding bouquets as your selection will influence the look and feel of your wedding day.

Is it formal or casual? Is there a theme that can be continued through your flower selection?

There are several flower considerations that will impact the look of your wedding:

  • The species of flowers, foliage and plants that you choose.
  • The color palette of your flowers, plants and foliage.
  • The type of arrangement being created. For example, whether it is clean lined and sculptural or free flowing and relaxed.
  • The size and proportions of your flower choices.

If you are having a…

Contemporary Wedding

and you love bright colors then you may choose bright and happy

Gerbera Wedding Flowers.

Do you want a…

Traditional Wedding?
Roses or Peonies for your Bridal Flowers

is probably what you’re looking for.

Are you going to have a…

Rustic Barn Wedding

Perhaps you will use a relaxed

Posy of Locally Growing Wildflowers

Is your wedding a romantic afternoon…

Garden Party Wedding


Hydrangea and Lilac Bouquet

might be just right for you

Tulip or Calla Lily Wedding Flowers

are both popular choices. They are both look sleek and architecturally classic.

An Orchid Wedding Bouquet

is always popular and looks stunningly elegant.

So, as you can see, your choice of wedding flowers makes a big difference to the overall style and mood of your wedding day.

Without even leaving your house, you can check out flower species online or in books and see what is available during the season of your wedding.

Looking online, in books and in magazines will help you to get an idea which bridal flowers in particular you are drawn to.

Your favorite flowers may be the ones that you want to consider for your own wedding bouquets.

Make inquiries with florists early in your wedding planning journey.

Wedding flowers can be expensive and you don’t want to underestimate the cost of wedding flowers. It will help if you understand pricing before you make any decisions about what to order. You don’t want to have your heart set on flowers that you simply can’t afford.

One budget saving tip for wedding flowers is to look at what flowers are in season at the time of your wedding.

Your florist will be able to make recommendations with regards to what flowers are both readily available and cost effective.

When you enter a flower shop, ask to see their book of wedding flowers – including bouquets, boutonnieres, floral centerpieces and other wedding arrangements.

The florist’s wedding book will show you examples of what the florist is capable of.

The florists wedding book is a good starting point for conversation around budget, style of arrangements, colors, types of flowers, sizes etc.

It is also important to ask logistical questions about the ordering and delivery procedure.

The florist will be able to indicate what sort of budget is required for wedding flowers similar to what’s in the examples. Don’t hold back in letting a florist know when something is beyond your budget.

A florist should be able to suggest flower, foliage and plant variations that reduce the cost.

As you wander about the florist shop you will notice that the flowers and arrangements typically won’t have prices on them. Once you start talking to the florist about your wedding flowers ideas, that’s usually when the pricing information will come out.

We would suggest that you also tell them up front if you don’t have a huge budget if that is the case. Also, don’t tie yourself down to numbers money wise right now in the initial planning stages. If you can – just say, “small” and see where your visit takes you.

A creative florist that really wants your business will work with you, despite your budget.

They will make practical suggestions to lead you towards what you need for your style of wedding and your budget. Another strategy is to ask the florist about the cheapest and most simplistic wedding flower designs.

Looking for a florist but don’t know where to start? Check out this online Wedding Florist USA Directory. Fair warning, some of the price range guides are bordering on house down payments!… which brings me to my next suggestion…

Have you considered arranging your own bridal flowers?

If you’re creative and into DIY or if you have experience with flower arranging, then you could create your own wedding flower designs.

You could potentially source your wedding flowers from local growers, wholesalers or local flower markets (check in advance that these places sell direct to the public) or order bunches of flowers from your florist that you arrange yourself.

Taking the DIY approach one step further, you might source some of your flowers, foliage and plants from the gardens of friends or family. This will reduce your expenses even further as well as adding a personal touch to your wedding day.

Doing your own flower arranging for your wedding will save loads of money but it will cost you time and potentially added stress. Do you have a friend or relative who is good at flower arrangements and gardening? Could you approach them for advice or assistance? Would they be willing to do your wedding flowers for you?

Another idea is to forego certain floral arrangements completely.

For example, if you can’t afford the lavish centerpieces you have seen elsewhere in wedding magazines, then why not use smaller vases of flowers, candles, picture frames or other kinds of displays for your table centrepieces? This will save the expense of flowers for items like your bouquet.

Reusing the wedding ceremony flowers at your reception party later on is another idea.

Oftentimes there is a bit of time between the actual wedding ceremony and the reception, so why not have someone collect all your wedding flowers, take them to the reception area and put them out on the tables ready to go for your reception? That way you are getting double duty out of your flowers.

If you’ve fallen in love with a particular flower arrangement then ask your florist for suggestions as to what kinds of wedding flowers could be substituted in place of the ones in the pictures that you like so much. The florist can probably recommend several options that provide a similar look but are less expensive. This one tip alone could save you loads of money.

Silk flowers, dried flowers and other craft supplies can be used instead of real flowers or they can be mixed in with real flowers.

You might choose to do this to fill out arrangements and reduce cost or these other options might provide the consistency and look that you are wanting.

Years ago, silk flowers were so obviously not the real thing that most people could spot the difference from a mile away but that is no longer the case. If you are considering fake flowers solely to reduce cost then it’s also worthwhile comparing the cost of fake flowers with the cost of the cheapest flowers available. The real flowers might end up being the cheaper option.

Things to consider When choosing your wedding flowers:

  • Speak with florists to get an idea of what you can get for different budgets.
  • Set your flower budget and stick to it.
  • Using flowers that are in season and widely available is budget friendly.
  • Be as flexible as possible when you choose your wedding flowers. If you’re willing to take suggestions from your florist (or friend/ family if they’re doing your flowers) and make substitutions here and there then you’ll find that you can probably afford to have beautiful bouquets for your wedding day.
  • Locally grown flowers are a more sustainable choice as less travel resources are used.
  • Can you stock flowers directly from the grower or a local flower market for a cheaper price?
  • What style of wedding are you having?… formal, casual, modern, vintage, country, traditional etc. What style of bouquet and flower will suit your wedding?
  • What colors are being used in your wedding? In your bridesmaids’ outfits, decorations etc.
  • Look at bridal bouquets and collect images of what you like so you can discuss with your florist… or friend, family member if you are going to have homemade flower arrangements.
  • Consider allergies! You don’t want your partner, bridal party, family or guests in tears with hay fever! Use scented flowers sparingly for a light fragrance.

Finally, remember that wedding bouquets and wedding flowers are not an essential part of a wedding ceremony but they do enhance the atmosphere. You can choose not to have any flowers at your wedding. You might choose to have just a few special arrangements. Or, you might go all out on your wedding flowers, foliage and plants!