Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts – Everything You Need To Know

Wedding gifts are a tradition that dates back centuries.

Gift-giving during weddings enhances the overall experience for everyone, especially the couple.

This guide details everything you need to know about wedding gifts – regardless of whether you’re searching for the right wedding gift or whether you want to know what to expect during your own wedding.

So, whether you’re looking for something traditional or unique, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn everything there is to know about wedding gifts, and get ready to find the perfect one.

The History of Wedding Gifts

The History of Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts are a time-honored tradition that dates back centuries. The history of wedding gifts is a long and interesting one that has evolved over time.

They were once given to the bride by her father as a way to seal the marriage contract. Today, however, wedding gifts are given to the couple by both the bride and groom’s families and friends.

The first recorded instance of wedding gifts dates back to ancient Rome. In those days, weddings were more about two families joining forces than two people in love. As such, dowries were common and often quite large.

Wedding gifts were traditionally and are still given in the form of money or household items. However, some couples prefer to receive more unique or personal gifts.

If you’re not sure what to give as a wedding gift, consider the couple getting married. If this fails you then a good rule of thumb is to give something that you would want to receive yourself.

Wedding Gift giving traditions vary from culture to culture, so be sure to do your research before attending a wedding outside of your own culture.

Wedding gifts are a great way to show people how much you care about them on their big day.

Traditional Wedding Gifts

Traditional Wedding Gifts

Now that you’ve got some information on the history of wedding gift-giving, let’s dive into some traditional wedding gifts. While the specific gifts vary from culture to culture, some general themes are pretty universal.


Giving cash as a wedding gift is probably the most common tradition. It’s considered to be good luck, and it’s a way to help the couple with their new life together.

Household Items

Another common tradition is giving the couple household items. This could be anything from dishes to appliances to furniture. The idea is to give them something they need for their new home together.


Jewelry is also a popular wedding gift, especially for the bride. It’s seen as a way to wish her luck and happiness in her new life.

Modern Wedding Gifts

Modern Wedding Gifts

If none of the ideas come to mind when you’re considering the gifts to ask for or to gift someone, there are some modern wedding gift ideas you might fancy even more.

Wedding Registry

The bride and groom usually create a registry of items they need or would like to receive as gifts. This makes it easy for guests to choose a gift that the couple will love and use.

A wedding registry is convenient and works well for both the couple getting married and the giver of the gift.

Monetary Gifts

More and more couples are asking for monetary gifts instead of physical gifts.

This gives them the freedom to spend the money on what they need or want. It also takes the guesswork out of choosing a gift for the couple.


Another unique wedding gift idea is giving the couple an experience instead of a physical item. This could be anything from tickets to a show or concert, a weekend getaway, or lessons for a new hobby that they can do together.

Many millennials spend less on an actual wedding and more on their honeymoon, traveling to exotic places. There might be an option to contribute towards an experience for their honeymoon. If this sounds like you or the couple you’re gifting an excursion could be precisely what you should gift them.

With so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect gift for any couple.

Wedding Gift Etiquette

Wedding Gift Etiquette

If you didn’t know, already there is a format people should follow when giving gifts. It’s known as wedding gift etiquette, and if people aren’t careful, they could risk offending the newly wedded couple.

Here are some rules to follow when thinking of wedding gift etiquette.

Wedding gifts should be given to the couple, not an individual. There is nothing worse than opening a gift meant for you and your partner only to find out it wasn’t for you at all.

The gift should be something that the couple will use together and appreciate, not something that will sit in a closet or only be used by one spouse.

Gifts should be sent before or on the wedding day, not after. This is so the couple can enjoy their new gifts on their honeymoon or in their new home.

If you’re attending a destination wedding, it’s okay to send the gift ahead of time, so it doesn’t get lost in travel. And lastly, don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money on a gift. A thoughtful and personal gift is worth more than anything you could buy off a registry.

It’s appropriate to spend around $100-$200 on a wedding gift, depending on your relationship with the couple and your ability to afford the gift.

It is okay to spend less than this amount if you are on a tight budget. If that is the case then look out for clearance sales or get creative with your gift.

You could even decide to go the DIY route and handmake something special for them. This approach trades your time for your money and you can give a very personal and cherished gift.

If you want to go above and beyond, some creative (and still affordable) gift ideas include:

  • Personalized frame with a photo of the couple and their wedding date
  • A nice bottle of champagne or wine with two glasses
  • A gift certificate for a couples’ massage or dinner at a nice restaurant
  • Tickets to a show or concert

Choose something that has meaning to you and them because it’s something they’ll remember for years to come.

Why Do We Give Wedding Gifts?

After all is said and done, you might still be asking yourself what is the point of giving wedding gifts? Well, the couple you’re supporting is starting a new life together, and you want them to get off on the right foot.

A wedding gift is a way to show your support for their future. No matter what you get, it’s sure to be something the couple will love, and thank you for getting them. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, not the actual gift itself.

If you need help with wedding gifts or are searching for wedding gift tips all you’ve got to do is scroll through this post for everything you need. Trust us, we think we’ve got everything covered when it comes to gift giving for weddings.

Budget Rules for Wedding Gift Giving

When it comes to weddings, there are many different gift options available and a range of prices to fit any budget. The most important thing is to be thoughtful about what you give. It’s perfectly acceptable to spend less if you’re on a tight budget or if the couple has everything they need.

Sometimes, it’s easier to stick with the items couples have placed on their registries. However, it’s understandable if you don’t want to get something off the list.

Buying gifts for weddings shouldn’t break the bank, but if you have the extra cash to spend, go for it!

Just remember, the key is to be thoughtful with whatever you choose. No one will be upset with you because you didn’t spend thousands on a gift. While we’re on the topic of how much money to spend on a gift, what if you decide to give the couple cash?

How much cash should you give as a gift?

It’s really up to you, but $100 is a nice starting point. If you have a partner, you might want to ensure you have a conversation about what they’re comfortable with giving.

Together you can decide on a number that works best for both of you, and don’t forget to choose a lovely card to place the money in. The couple will greatly appreciate it.

How to Ask For Gifts for Your Wedding?

Wedding Gift Registry

If you’re the one getting married and you really want to receive certain gifts, there are a few ways to go about asking for what you want.

You can be direct and include your registry information on your wedding invitations. This is perfectly acceptable and will save your guests the trouble of having to ask around or search online for where you’re registered.

Another way to let your guests know what gifts you’d like is by setting up a Wedding Website.

Wedding websites are becoming increasingly popular and are a great way to communicate all sorts of important information to your guests (including what gifts you’d like!).

Wedding Gifts Guide

We hope this guide has helped clear up any confusion you might have had about wedding gifts. In short, be thoughtful, be generous where you can, and have fun!

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