Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

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Planning Your Wedding – Where do you Even Begin?

Congratulations on your engagement! This is such an exciting time in your lives! Now the Wedding Planning Begins!

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So what do you do now? How do you navigate planning a wedding?… especially a cheap wedding? Where do you even start?

Well, first things first…

Take a moment to sit down as a couple, just you and your partner, to discuss your hopes and dreams for the future.

This is not about your wedding day, it’s about looking further ahead years into the future.

This united vision, or big guiding goal, for your future lives together will help you both with making united decisions about what your wedding day will look like.

Write down your couple life goals in a place where you can refer back to them and also reassess together at different stages of your life.

The next thing to talk about is what situation you are in right now?

What are each of your financial situations? What are important factors in your daily lives? What do you enjoy doing together?

What do you like doing individually? How will these things look after you are married?

Do you have any other special commitments or considerations in your lives?

Again, your answers to these questions will help you to find the right path to planning your wedding day.

Answering these questions are especially important when you are planning a cheap wedding.

You will need to keep your goals and financial situation front of mind so that you can stick to the budget wedding that you can afford.

Important things to consider, when beginning to plan your wedding, as a couple…

Before you start the frenzy of locking in dates, making bookings, engaging services and buying items for your wedding day, as a couple you need to decide together some overarching guidelines.

Your previous conversations about your current situation and your vision of the future will help you to make both the big and lots of little decisions together about what your wedding day will look like… and how much it will cost!

As a couple, take time together with just the two of you to discuss:

(Take notes on all of this so that you can refer back to it as you move through the wedding planning journey.)

Saving for your Wedding

Wedding Budget

Will it be you paying for the wedding or will family be contributing? What is your capacity to save each month? Do you already have some savings that can be used for your wedding?

Consider having a debt free wedding!

Debt places a lot of extra pressure on any couple and it’s not what any couple needs when they are first starting their married life together.

A cheap wedding can still be an absolutely, wonderfully, fabulous celebration of your love for and commitment to each other.

Suitable Wedding Dates

Suitable Wedding Dates

Wedding planning really builds momentum once you have locked in a date for your wedding day.

Choose the date for your wedding together to ensure that is works well for both of you.

Do you want or need to have a short or a long engagement period?

Is there a particular date that’s special to you as a couple?

Is there a particular time during the year when your family or close friends from interstate usually travel to visit?

Is there a particular season or climate that is your favorite?

Homemade Heart Wedding Decorations

Wedding Themes

Is there a favorite color or thing (e.g. green, hearts, butterflies, vintage) that’s special to you both, that you want to use as a continuing theme threaded through your wedding planning?

Are you happy for a theme to evolve as you begin to choose things? … you might find a bargain that you love that then sets the theme for your budget wedding!

Wedding Size and Atmosphere

Wedding Size and Atmosphere

Do you like socializing in large gatherings and hosting big, loud parties or do you enjoy smaller, more intimate gatherings?

Do you have a large extended family that you really want to include in your special day and lots of friends that you want to celebrate with or are you happy to keep your guest list to immediate family only… or maybe with just your very closest friends included too?

The size of your wedding and atmosphere that you would like create will impact your wedding planning decisions.

Wedding Resources

Wedding Resources

Do you have friends, family or acquaintances who can potentially contribute their skills to your special day?

… perhaps in lieu of a gift or at a discount cost? Do you have a skill that you could offer to trade with family or friends for wedding products or services?

Getting help from friends and family can help to keep the costs lower and help to keep your wedding planning on budget.

What are all of the things that you need to consider, decide upon and organize? Do you need help with the organizing process?

Must Have or Don’t Want for your Wedding

Do you already have something in mind that you definitely want to have or definitely want to leave out of your wedding day?

For example, you might belong to a church community and know that you want the ceremony to be held there. Alternatively, you might love beach weddings.

You might know that you don’t want to have a special cake cutting included during the reception and therefore you don’t need to have a magnificent looking wedding cake on display.

After you have talked all of this through together, you may choose to repeat the process with close family such as both of your sets of parents – especially if they are offering to contribute financially.

Always reflect again together on what has been suggested by others – no matter whether it’s family members, friends or wedding vendors.

This gives you the ability to agree that, “that’s a great idea, it’s certainly something that we will consider and go away and discuss together” …without offending anyone or committing to anything on the spur of the moment!

Okay, so far you have done a LOT of talking and listening to each other!

You will have an overall wedding planning budget in mind and you will probably have made a few general decisions/ ideas/ plans that you can begin researching.

Let the Wedding Planning Begin!

Planning your Wedding can be broken down into the following categories or lists:

  • Complete Before the Wedding Day
  • Ready for the Wedding Ceremony
  • Ready for the Wedding Reception
  • Your Honeymoon
  • After your Wedding and Honeymoon

Along the journey of your engagement…

Check in with each other regularly. Are your wedding plans progressing on track? Are your wedding plans staying true to your initial conversations? Are you staying on budget?

If no, are you both happy with the deviations or do you need to revert back to your original budget wedding planning path?

If you need help to get your budget wedding back on track, have a read of the article, 3 Things You Must Organize to Get Married. This article reminds us of the essential elements of a wedding.

Remember to keep in mind that your wedding day is just the first day of the rest of your lives together and most of all…ensure that you both are ENJOYING THE WEDDING PLANNING PROCESS.

Happy Wedding Planning!