Wedding veil styles with long hair

Wedding Veil Styles with Long Hair

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Are you a bride looking at wedding veil styles with long hair?

There are a few things to consider, including but not limited to your hair length and style, when deciding what style of wedding veil is right for you.

So first of all, let’s take a look at how to choose a bridal veil.

For this choice, it doesn’t matter whether you have long hair or short hair. There are considerations to step through to choose your perfect bridal veil.

How to Choose a Bridal Veil:

Do I want a veil?

Bride with long hair style up withno veil

Remember, at Fabulously Frugal Bride we question the need for every single item.

In a traditional wedding the bride would usually be wearing a bridal veil but stop for a minute to consider. Is wearing a bridal veil on your wedding day important to you?

If you answer yes to this question then proceed down this list. If you answer no to this question then you might decide not to wear a veil at all.


The good news is that it’s easy to buy a cheap veil online. There are many veils of all different lengths and styles ranging between about US$10 – US$200.

Wedding Dress

Consider the style of wedding dress that you have chosen. You will want to choose a bridal veil that complements your dress.

What embellishments are on your wedding dress? If you have pearls, sequins, beads or lace on your wedding dress, look for a bridal veil that is either plain or has similar embellishments.

What color or shade is your wedding dress. Again, look to match the tones of your wedding dress in your bridal veil. If your dress is white, get a white veil. If your dress is ivory, look for an ivory veil.

If your wedding dress is a different color then you might be able to have a veil made to match or maybe you can dye your own wedding veil  yourself if you dare!

Rit Dye have some really beautiful and unique examples of colored veils that they have paired with ivory dresses for the photographs. They have step by step instructions on how to dye a veil.

What length is your wedding dress? If you have a long dress with a train then also look for a long veil that falls to or beyond the end of the train.

If you have a shorter wedding dress then you might look at a shorter length veil. Or, to mix things up, if you have a long dress with a train, you might just have a very short veil – it really is up to you and your tastes.

How full is the skirt of your wedding dress? If your wedding dress has a full skirt then look for a veil that is also full.

If your wedding dress is figure hugging then you might choose a veil that is less full… or you could pair a full and long veil with a figure-hugging dress.

Look at as many images of brides wearing veils. You will get to know what you like.

Wedding Type/ Setting

Wedding Setting

Are you having a formal, church wedding? If you are then you might want to have a veil that trails behind you.

If your wedding is an outdoor affair then you might want to have a shorter veil that won’t get tangled, torn or dirty.

Hair Style

Now finally we get to consider your hair style! Have you decided how you are going to wear your long hair on your wedding day?

Putting it very simply, you have three options: up, down or part up and part down. But of course, nothing is simple so there are endless options within those three ways of styling your hair.

Styling your Long Hair up on your Wedding Day

Long hair up with veil

You could opt for a high bun, low bun, tight bun or loose bun. You might have it centered or sweeping to the side.

The position of where your hair is clustered on your head will determine the best place to position your bridal veil.

If your hair is up high on your head then your veil might tuck in underneath. If your hair is styled low on your head then your wedding veil might sit over the top of your hair style.

You might have your hair braided.

Again, your braid may be shaped in any direction. It might wrap around your head and be clipped up or it might trail down your back. Again, the positioning of the braid will determine the positioning of the veil.

A pony tail is another option for tying your hair up.

With a pony tail, the veil could sit over the top of it or a length of soft veil netting could be wrapped around the pony tail and flow out from there.

Styling your Long Hair Down on your Wedding Day

Bride with long hair and veil

If you choose to wear your hair down on your wedding day, will you keep it looking your natural way or will you have it either straightened, wavy or curled?

With your long hair down, the bridal veil will most likely be attached from the top of your head. The veil could be attached to a headband or a comb in order to stay in place.

Styling your Long Hair Partly Up and Partly Down on your Wedding Day

Hair partly up and partly down with veil

A popular bridal hair style is to have your hair partly down but then partly up so that it’s not blowing in your face. Having your hair partly up gives a clear location on your head for the placement of the veil. The veil will tuck in where your hair is pinned up.

Any Wedding Veil Style can Look Fabulous with Long Hair

Any wedding veil style can look fabulous with long hair

Once you have decided on your wedding dress, it is up to you whether you determine your hair style or your veil style next.

You will be able to choose a wedding veil style that looks fabulous with your long hair. Any wedding veil style will work with long hair but how you style your hair will determine the positioning of the veil on your head.

When you have your dress and your veil, you will be able to play around with hair styles and how you get the veil positioned just right on your head.

Ensure that you have plenty of hair pins and hair spray on hand for your wedding day so that you can feel confident that the veil will stay in it’s place.

A bridal veil can vary by length, shape, fullness, how it is edged, how it is embellished, type of fabric, quality of fabric, color and how it attaches.

Any variety of veil can look fabulous with long hair. How you style your long hair will determine the positioning of the veil on your head.

Another thing to consider is whether you will have any decoration at the point where your veil is attached to your head.

Some popular options are having flowers, a tiara, a decorative clip or leaving it with just your hair and your veil.