What to wear for wedding?

The Question Every Bride Asks – What to Wear For Wedding Day?

What to Wear for Wedding Day

What are you going to wear on your Wedding Day?

What to wear for wedding day?

Okay brides, grooms and attendants, this is the fun part – what are you going to wear on your wedding day?!
What wedding accessories will you choose to compliment your wedding day outfit?

What grooming styles, products and appointments are you going to choose/ buy/ book for your wedding day?

How do you make all of these decisions about what you are going to wear on your wedding day?

How do you choose what NOT to go ahead with when planning your wedding?

These are age old questions that every bride asks – What to wear for wedding day?

You can take comfort in knowing that this is a frequent question. Just remember that, if you reflect on every wedding that you have attended, you have probably enjoyed every one of them.

Even though they would have all been very different, and not necessarily what you would choose for you, each wedding is a reflection of the couple getting married and the good wishes that everyone attending shares for their future together.

Now it’s your turn to ask these questions and make all of the decisions. I hope that you are filled with excitement about this and not feeling too overwhelmed.

First of all, refer back to the conversations that you’ve already had when planning your wedding was first being considered:

  • Budget
  • Date
  • Theme
  • Atmosphere
  • Resources
  • Must Haves and Don’t Wants!

1. Set your wedding budget and stick to it.

Remember to factor in the costs of all of your wedding accessories and not just your bridal dress.

Brides and/or grooms, you also need to be considerate of the budget of your attendants… unless you are paying for their outfit too! They may love you dearly but they also may not be able to afford what you want them to wear!

2. Look at the likely weather for your wedding day.

Consider what will be practical to wear for your wedding day in those weather conditions.

Some specific wedding accessories might be required for the weather.

Do you need to have some large, matching umbrellas on hand? Will you need a wrap to keep you warm?

3. Look at the location/ venues of your wedding.

What will be practical for your wedding location?

For example, stiletto shoes and a gown with a train isn’t the most practical attire for a beach wedding but shorts, polo/ sundresses, sandals, flip flops, straw hats or shell wreaths could fit right in!

If the reception is at a formal venue then a gown &/or suit will probably be what works for the style of the occasion.

4. Have you decided on a theme for your wedding?

Is there a theme that you want to tie into your bridal dress/ attire/ wedding accessories?

Whether it’s a color, style (vintage, rustic, formal) or thing (such as butterflies or hearts), if you have a wedding theme it might help you to channel what you’re looking for.

Conversely, there is no need to be rigidly following a theme and sometimes you stumble across a perfect find where you least expect it.

5. Consider what wedding resources you have around you.

Do you have any friends or family members with talents who could do some of the sewing, make up, hairstyles etc.?

Does a relative have a bridal dress, veil or other wedding accessories that you could ask to borrow?

Can your married friends recommend professionals who were terrific, reasonably priced and easy to work with?

6. What are some of the things that you know that you definitely want or know that you definitely don’t want for your wedding?

For example, you may know that you want your hair to be styled up or styled down, definitely looking natural or definitely arranged in a particular way?

You may definitely want to carry Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue or you might not care about this tradition at all.

7. Do you want to look for items that you and your attendants can wear again?

Usually if you love something you will wear it again so that might be a little question you can ask yourself or your attendants.

How much do I love it? Would I wear this ever again? Is this important when deciding what to wear for my wedding day?

8. Are you happy to purchase items that have been preowned/ second hand?

Would you consider off the rack items from regular fashion retailers? Are you happy to peruse the clearance racks?

Would you hire an outfit? How much money would these options save you compared to buying brand new?

9. Comfort is an all-important factor.

Don’t underestimate comfort – especially for your feet and your underwear!

You will likely be on your feet for hours – can you walk around and dance in those shoes?!

The article How to Choose Wedding Shoes – 6 Things to Consider highlights the importance of being comfortable in your bridal shoes.

Is anything poking or prodding into your skin? It might be okay for a minute but will it be bearable over the course of the day?

Consider comfort for your clothing, shoes and hair styles!

Correct fit is vital for your comfort when deciding what to wear for your wedding day.

Groom with Buttonhole
Bridal Veil and Headpiece

Clothing, wedding accessories and presentation choices for Brides, Grooms and Attendants:

  • Bridal Dress
  • Suit
  • Other clothing outfit
  • Shirt
  • Cuff links
  • Vest
  • Tie
  • Bow Tie
  • Cravat
  • Veil
  • Head piece
  • Lingerie/ underwear
  • Shoes
  • Stockings
  • Socks
  • Flower bouquets
  • Button holes
  • Hair style
  • Make up
  • Nails
  • Waxing
  • Tanning
  • Jewelry
  • Garter
  • Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something New

Important: Remember the Wedding Rings!

Enjoy catching up with your attendants or close family/ friends and hitting the shops.

Visit a variety of different kinds of stores when you are looking for what to wear for your wedding.

Include bridal shops, department stores, fashion retail stores and vintage shops in your places to search.

Try things on during these visits. The more that you try on the more you will get a sense of what you want and what will suit you.

Consider who you are willing to go shopping with for anything to do with your wedding day.

On the positive side, your close family members, close friends and your attendants could help you to try new or unexpected wedding day options at different times and locations.

On the negative side, you could get some unwanted feedback on something that you really like, such as a particular style of bridal dress.

Consider what your attendants will wear too. Get them to try things on and be honest with you about what they think.

Do you want all of your attendants to be wearing the same clothing or are you happy for them to wear what flatters them?

Could your attendants wear different styles of dress but in the same color and fabric? Or the same style and fabric but in different shades or colors?

Go into flower shops as you pass them and talk with the florist in the shop.

What’s popular for weddings?

Do you have example photos of bouquets and button holes for weddings?

What would be a ballpark figure that this arrangement would cost? What difference to the price would it make if it was like that only bigger or smaller?

What flowers are in season at the time of year of the wedding?

What are the shop attendants favorite wedding bouquets?

How far in advance of the wedding day do I need to book and make final selections?

Wedding Flowers For Any Budget has loads of ideas for your wedding day flowers.

Look at as many weddings (or photos of weddings) as you can…

Check out what you can find online, in magazines, or at nearby locations that are popular for wedding photography. What do you like or not like about what you see?

What is the bride wearing? What wedding accessories has she chosen? What are the brides attendants wearing?

What is the groom wearing? What wedding accessories is the groom wearing? What are the grooms attendants wearing?

Take the ideas of what you like and then look around for cheaper alternatives. Maybe you can wait for items to go on sale?… although you do risk missing out on the item by taking this approach.

Doing as much research as possible will help you to make the decision about what to wear for your wedding day. Rest assured, you will answer all of the questions of what to wear for wedding.