What's the best Wedding Dress for my body type?

What’s the Best Wedding Dress for my Body Type?

What’s the best wedding dress for my body type?

This is a question that every bride will ask themselves, in one way or another, when they are looking at wedding dress styles for their wedding day.

Your wedding day should be one of the most significant, memorable and happiest days of your life.

It is natural for you to want everything to be special. It is important for you to look and feel radiantly beautiful.

Choosing a Wedding Dress Style that suits your body type will help you to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day.

So, how do you go about finding the answer to this question of: What’s the Best Wedding Dress for my Body Type?

  • Take a look at the clothes that are in your wardrobe now. They will provide a starting point for wedding dress styles to look for.

What are your favorites and why? Is it the neckline? The fabric? The cut of the dress (where the seams are)? The length?

What dresses get compliments when you wear them? Those are the ones most likely to be suited to your body type.

  • What dress styles do you gravitate to when you are in a clothing shop? Why?
  • What dress style do you feel the best in? Why?
  • Embrace your body shape and work with it.

Whether you are an apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle or an inverted triangle in body shape, it really doesn’t matter so long as you acknowledge it and work with it.

  • Consider your personality and what you love! It will make you happy!
  • Feeling good about yourself is important. Achieving your best appearance on your wedding day starts with self-confidence and a positivity within you.

There is a beautiful wedding dress style for every bride and every body shape.

When wondering, “What’s the best wedding dress for my body type?”, consider the following:

Neckline and Shoulder line – What shape suits my neckline, chest and shoulder line?

A wide boat neck cut, sweetheart neckline, or simple rounded neckline are all options that will highlight body shapes differently.

What depth of neckline am I confident and comfortable in?

What am I trying to emphasize or minimize? Do I want a plunging neckline or a high neckline or something in-between?

Waistline – Do I have a waistline that I want to accentuate? Do I want a dress that focuses away from the waistline?

Fullness – Do I want a fitted dress to accentuate my figure? Do I want to add some flow or fullness into the design?

Length – Floor length, mid calves, knee length or above the knees… what length dress do I usually wear? What length dress will I feel the best in on my wedding day?

Sleeves – A strapless dress with no sleeves or full length sleeves? Little cap sleeves or full, puffy sleeves?

Consider the weather as well as your body shape when deciding on sleeves for your wedding dress.

The Back of the Dress – Some wedding dress styles make the back of the wedding dress a fabulous focal feature.

If you are considering a low cut back or a sheer back panel then this will be a feature of your wedding dress.

This style works better for smaller chested women as you will not be able to have as much bra support.

If you are larger in the chest, be aware of the positioning of your bra straps when choosing your dress.

A train or a bustle are other ways of highlighting the back of your wedding dress.

Ruching, pleating and gathering – Ruching, pleating and gathering is used to produce a flattering silhouette.

They can be added to the bodice, the skirt or the whole dress.

Well placed ruching, pleats and gathers are able to enhance flattering features and hide or minimize other features as needed.

Embellishments – Embellishments are bows, broaches, beads, embroidery, lace, belts and attachments.

They can be used strategically to either highlight your body’s best features or minimize other features where you want to.

Some popular Wedding Dress Styles:


Ballgown Wedding Dress

A ballgown with a fitted bodice and full skirt is what we usually automatically picture when we dream about our future wedding day.

A ballgown will look spectacular on all body shapes.

Mermaid Dresses and Trumpet Gowns

Trumpet Wedding Dress

Both the mermaid and trumpet gowns will accentuate a curvaceous, hourglass figure.

You can play with these dress types accordingly, depending on what you want to emphasize.

Empire Waist

Empire Waist Wedding Dress

The Empire Waist Wedding Dress has a fitted bodice to just underneath the bust line. The fabric of the dress falls from that point.

Because of this, your natural waistline and stomach area are neither restricted nor highlighted. Rather, your face, neck and bust become the focal points.

The Empire Waist is one of the most popular wedding dress styles for all brides but is is especially so for pregnant brides because of the freedom around the belly.

Take a look at Empire Waist Wedding Dresses.

A-Line Gown

A-Line Wedding Dress

An A-line gown has a fitted bodice that then flows out from the waist.

An A-line gown can flatter any body shape but it looks fabulous on a pear shape body. A-line gowns are always in style. They are super chic, classy, and elegant!

Fitted Dress or Sheath Dress

Fitted Wedding Dress

A petite figure or a tall and slender figure will look fabulous in a fitted dress.

A mature age bride might also choose a fuss free sheath dress in a beautiful fabric. It is a simple yet elegant option.

Get to know more about different wedding dress styles and how they suit your body type.

There are more Wedding Dress Styles than the ones listed above.

The aim is to get you started with thinking about your body shape, fashion preferences and what will be right for you on your special wedding day.

Try on a dress in each of the styles: Mermaid dress, Trumpet dress, Ballgown, A-line Gown and a Fitted or Sheath dress.

You will be able to see first-hand how your body features become emphasized in each wedding dress style.

You will get a better understanding of what’s the best wedding dress for your body type by trying the different styles on.

Take a look at the article 6 Wedding Dresses Under $100. You will notice examples of Mermaid Wedding Dresses and A-line Wedding Dresses.

As you learn to recognize the different wedding dress styles, you will get familiar with how the different styles flatter different body shapes. If you have a plus size figure, check out the article Plus Size Wedding Dresses.

Howstuffworks has a fun quiz you can take to help you choose a wedding dress style. I like that it gets you to consider more than just your body shape.

What’s important for you on your wedding day?

Enjoy experimenting with different Wedding Dress Styles to help you answer the question of: What’s the best Wedding Dress for my Body Type?