Winter Wedding Makeup

Winter Wedding Makeup

Seasonal changes can dictate what a bride chooses to wear on her wedding day. Likewise, winter wedding makeup choices will also be different to summer wedding makeup choices. There are a few reasons why winter wedding makeup differs from summer wedding makeup.

Fashion, lighting qualities and the weather (more specifically, the amount of moisture in the air… or lack thereof) all play a part in seasonal winter wedding makeup adjustments.

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Seasonal fashion trends do translate across to makeup. This is partly to do with the other wedding color choices and what colors are on trend at the time. Bridesmaids dresses, flowers and other wedding color choices are often lighter shades in summer and deeper shades in winter.

Deeper shades of eye makeup and lipstick feature in winter wedding makeup. Brides are a lot more likely to wear deeper shades of lipstick in winter than in summer. They are also more inclined to use smoky shades of eye shadow (blues and greys predominantly) in winter.

Lighting Qualities

Lighting Qualities

The intensity of the sun and the light that it provides is different from summer to winter. The daylight hours vary from month to month and season to season. Depending on the outside light, indoor lighting can also take on a different look during the day.

This difference in the light means that you need to alter the type of makeup used during the different seasons so that your skin is still looking glowing and healthy in photos.

The Weather

Winter Wedding

It’s funny that we think of winter as being wet and cold yet winter is a time when our skin and lips can really dry out. Strong winds outside and heating inside can really take its toll on our skin.

It’s important throughout winter to keep our skin well moisturized. This is especially important when considering our winter wedding makeup.

Winter Wedding Makeup Tips

Following a good, regular skincare routine and getting the right wedding makeup can solve the problems of chapped lips, dry skin and looking sallow on your wedding day. Applying your bridal makeup for a winter wedding correctly will make you look and feel like a princess and get the dreamlike wedding photos you desire.

Below are some ideas for your winter wedding makeup:


Ensure that you moisturize your skin. Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the most crucial makeup tips for any bride.

Winters can dehydrate your skin, making your makeup appear flaky. Moisturizing your face daily, after washing it and before applying any makeup will help. Before you go to bed, apply skin-renewal makeup.

Lip Care

Lip Care

In winter, lips can dry out and get chapped. Give your lips a base coating of lip balm so that they look smooth, soft and plump. Add your favorite lip balm to your winter bridal makeup kit and apply it before applying your chosen lipstick.

Will you wear a soft, neutral shade of lipstick or will you choose a deeper shade of red or plum?

Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup is recommended for any wedding in any season. Regardless of the weather, your wedding day is full of emotion and there may be a happy tear or two shed at some point during your big day. You don’t want anything to cause your makeup to run with the tears!

The harsh wintry winds can also make your eyes teary. Again, no bride would want to have their face covered with lines of running mascara.


Include a Sunscreen with SPF 30+ or higher in your winter wedding makeup kit. The UVB rays are weaker in winter, meaning that you do not get easily tanned. However, UVA may end up causing skin aging, and skin cancer.

Sometimes wearing sunscreen can affect the look of the color of your face. This is especially noticeable in photographs as the light reflects off your face. You can avoid this problem by looking for makeup that includes SPF 30+.

There are BB creams (blemish balm or beauty balm), CC creams (color control or color correcting), foundations, concealers and lip balms available that incorporate SPF into the product. These products are worthwhile long-term investments into protecting your future skin.

Cream-Based Makeup

A combination of cream-based and powder makeup keeps your skin looking and feeling moist on your wedding day. Also, it is easier to do touch-ups using cream-based makeup.

Cream-based foundation, eye shadow, liquid highlighters, and blush are easier to apply to your face, especially in winter. For a dewy look, you can add serums to your makeup.

Face Mist

Have face mist on hand during your wedding day. When you feel like you’re drying out just touch up with face mist. It feels wonderful and refreshing.

To find out more about all of your wedding makeup essentials, read our article 14 Wedding Makeup Essentials For Brides.

Remember, the key to winter bridal makeup is to keep your skin and lips well hydrated.

Using products that include SPF and wearing waterproof makeup will mean that you get good color tones holding firmly to your face throughout your wedding day.

You will feel the joy and happiness of this auspicious day and get beautiful, colorful pictures for looking back on and ensuring fond memories.